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If you have insights on chatbots, conversational apps and marketing, we want to hear read you.

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1. Submission of Articles and Pitches

We are happy to review an article pitch before you put in the work though we are also happy to receive and review finished articles. For pitches, please include a synopsis, a working title, and a detailed outline. All content must be original and written in American English.

2. Follow Landbot's Brand Principles

landbot values hands


An empathetic and relatable brand passionate about chatbots, conversational apps, and marketing.

landbot philosophy


Marketing is about building relationships through conversations.

landbot personality


Friendly, conversational tone that resonates with knowledge and experience.

3. Types of Content

Our goal is to deliver exceptional content that helps people grow their businesses. You are welcome to share your expertise in one or more of these four content types:

landbot types of content write for us


Case studies, data-driven pieces, inspirational articles, detailed guides or how-to guides discussing the role of chatbots in marketing and sales strategies.

landbot features write for us


Articles highlighting examples describing how or when to use specific bot features (conditional logic, formulas, variables, Dialogflow, integrations, etc.).

landbot integrations tutorials


Integration articles explaining how to combine Landbot with other tools to help people work more efficiently and achieve better results.

landbot no-code smartphone


No-code technology focusing on the recent developments and benefits of no-code, as well as what it means for the future of business.

4. Blogpost Full Specs

Blog Post Length

We like to have posts that range from 1,300 to 3,000 words (Longer blog posts provide more relevant, well-researched, detailed information that readers can actually use and act on and so come back to read more).

Editorial Ownership

We reserve the right to edit, partially or completely, every submission, including headlines and subheadings.

Citations, Links, and Relationships

- Please have the first two links in every post point to relevant internal Landbot content that relates to your topic.

- You are allowed to include one link (preferably to another article) to your website and only if its contextually relevant to the article.

- Use external links for any 3-party statistics, research, and perspectives.

- Use credible sources only, such as research studies and major publications that are no less than 2 years old and have a domain authority higher than 55.

- Notify us about the nature of any relationship with a brand or person that is mentioned in your content.

- If you use a quote within an article, you may only link to their Twitter/Linkedin handle unless previously approved by our editor.

- Do not overly self-promote your own business if you mention it in any of your content. Anything deemed too promotional will be removed.

- Do not link to any questionable sources or industries, such as pharmaceuticals, casinos, payday loans, or pornography.

- Buying, selling, or trading links that appear in posts is strictly prohibited.

5. SEO Best Practices

- The selected primary keyword must be present in the H1 title (possibly in H2/H3 if relevant/natural), in the first paragraph, and then proportionately throughout the body of the article.

- Proper formatting including bulleted lists, headers, bolding, italic, short paragraphs, etc.

- Propose ALT tags for any images used in the blog post.

- No keyword linking.

- All quotes must be cited properly.

- Links in the post that aren't valuable to the reader will be removed.

6. Formatting

- Write out numbers from 1, 2, 3, etc.

- Write percentages as digits.

- Use one space after all punctuation.

- Use the Oxford comma format.

- Capitalize first and last words in headings. Also, capitalize all other words in a heading except:

articles (an, a, the, etc.);
coordinating conjunctions (for, and, or, but, etc.);
prepositions that contain three or fewer letters (in, one, at, etc.).

- Use the header in H1 tag and subheaders in H2, H3, H4 tags, etc.

7. Images

- Feature image for any article will be designed by an in-house illustrator.

- Please do not use any stock photos.

- Screenshots must be sharp and of high quality

- Charts, graphs, or illustrations from other websites are subject to editor approval.

- We do not accept any images that have a brand, logo, or external links displayed on them. There should not be any branded images that may appear to make the post into sponsored content.

- All images must have suggested alt tags.

landbot write for us process

8. Our Publishing Process

You can submit your pitch or article draft at marketing@landbot.io using Google Docs
When submitting, make sure that the document is accessible to anyone with the link. Do not share it via a specific email address.


Our editor checks that it follows our editorial guidelines.

The post undergoes a review. We will check the grammar, spelling mistakes, and content flow as well as review all links and references for accuracy, relevance, and adherence to our guidelines.

If we request that you make changes, the article will go on hold. To make sure your post is published faster, respond, and make the required changes quickly.Once all editorial changes are completed, your post will be scheduled for publishing.

Typically, each post involves a two to four-week turnaround from post submission to publication.