Top 7 Examples of the Use of Generative AI in Sales Processes

Illustrator: Adan Augusto

AI adoption is set to reach 60% by 2025. Are you prepared for the revolution in how businesses will operate? Well, AI will replace traditional or manual work with automation. This technique will improve productivity and elevate business sales, growth, and profitability. AI integration into sales has empowered businesses, driven revenue, and increased customer engagement. Research shows that by 2024, AI-powered chatbots are expected to reach $9.4 billion, focusing on sales, marketing applications, and customer service. 

Wondering what Generative AI is? It is a subsection of deep learning. It produces new data or content without human intervention. Images, videos, music, even 3-D models, etc., can be created quickly. It begins with a prompt that requests the AI to perform the task. This technology is becoming popular among the sales team. It aids in automating their varied tasks, analyzing customer data, generating quality leads, sales forecasting, etc. Are you too planning to introduce AI in your sales process? But need clarification? Then you have landed in the right place. Below, you will find seven examples of companies that have used generative AI in sales and proved it to be the best decision they have ever made.

Thinking of introducing Generative AI in your company? Then, you are not alone. Like you, many businesspeople share the same notion and have demonstrated that their choice has paid off for their companies. Studies show that around 67% of senior IT leaders implement Generative AI in their business, and around 33% prioritize it. Through this figure, you can imagine the importance of AI in business to boost revenue, sales, and growth. It will significantly change your company, business strategy, tools, skills, etc. To make it more clear, here, know the top 7 innovative companies that are revolutionizing their sales process with Generative AI:

Box: OpenAI’s Technology to Make Sales Predictions 

Sales prediction at Box was difficult, as was whether the customer would make the purchases or navigate, leave, etc. But now, with generative AI, it is possible to predict sales by analyzing consumer behavior and patterns. Let's know about the company and AI's impact on its sales process in brief: 

  • Company Introduction: Box is a cloud-based CMS that provides security, analytics, and safe collaboration for managing and sharing digital files. 
  • Use of Generative AI: Box incorporated Customer AI prediction. It uses AI and ML to predict the customer’s journey. This makes it easy to uncover historical data and market trends, saves team time, and generates accurate sales predictions. 
  • Impact on Sales Process: Box uses generative AI tools, significantly affecting its sales process. It aids their team in predicting customer behavior, tailoring marketing campaigns to boost sales, optimizing pricing strategies, etc. Box has significantly improved revenue generation, sales efficiency, and customer engagement. 

Mariox Software: Automated Chatbots to Elevate Sales

Chatbots help companies interact with multiple customers on varied platforms. It’s a tool to improve communication and enhance customer experience to generate more sales. Chatbots have eliminated issues such as response time, 24/7 availability, consistent response, scalability, etc. With the implementation of Automated chatbots, Mariox Software has improved its sales. Chatbots use AI, ML, NLP, and Humans in the loop to automate communication. 

  • Company Introduction: Mariox Software is a website and Mobile application development firm in Noida. It also envision comprehensive software development and digital marketing solutions to support companies in all sectors of the economy in improving their marketing initiatives.
  • Use of Generative in Their Sales Process: Mariox uses an automated chatbot that improves customer interaction and prospects. These chatbots use an advanced natural language processing algorithm to help Mariox software deliver tailored solutions and solve customer queries. Also, an aid sales pitch can target customers, boost sales with immediate response, generate leads, etc.    
  • Impact on Sales Process: Automated chatbots have significant advantages for Mariox Software’s sales process. They streamline interactions, reduce manual intervention, eliminate responding time, and more. It aids the team to focus on high-value tasks such as lead nurturing, relationship building, etc.  

Salesforce: AI for Higher Lead Quality 

AI reduces the load on the sales team. It allows the team to focus on positive leads with high conversion potential, which saves the company time and money. Salesforce uses generative AI (Einstein Lead Scoring) for lead quality. It comprises ML aid in analyzing historical data and identifying patterns. Here is more about it in brief: 

  • Company Introduction: Salesforce is a CRM that helps businesses connect with customers in a new way. This allows businesses to find more prospects and close more deals with exceptional services. 
  • Use of Generative AI: Salesforce uses Einstein Leading Score to predict lead quality for sales. It uses data science and ML to prioritize leads. It relies on past conversation patterns, analyzes lead data, and predicts quality leads with high chances of conversion, thus improving the company's lead quality and increasing sales efficiency. 
  • Impact on Sales Process: Salesforce elevated its sales process by using generative AI. It has streamlined its lead qualification, empowered its sales team to focus on high-potential leads, improved sales performances, increased efficiency, etc. 

TCS: Generative AI for Sales Operations

Various issues have been eliminated with the implementation of Generative AI in sales, such as AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistance. These include manual data analysis and automated tasks such as lead prioritization and scoring. Generative AI uses machine learning and data analysis techniques to gain deeper insights into the client’s behavior. 

  • Company Introduction: TCS stands for Tata Consultancy Services. It provides IT services, consulting, and business solutions to organizations and has partnered with many of the largest businesses in the world. 
  • Use of Generative in their Sales Process: TCS uses chatbots and virtual assistants to ease the work of its sales team. It has revolutionized conversion strategies. It facilitates personalized emails, maximizes sales, and is available round the clock to deal with customers. AI also delivers tailored sales approaches and drives revenue growth for business success. 
  • Impact on Sales Process: The introduction of AI in sales promises to generate high-quality, concise, and targeted sales pitches. It aids the team in delivering better sales outcomes, improving engagement, and making intelligent decisions. 

ICICI Bank: AI for Personalized Email Marketing to Increase Sales

Using AI for personalized email marketing to increase sales will reduce low engagement, poor conversion rates, and tailored creative content seeking buyers' attention. It also uses Chatbots, which comprise ML, NLP, and semantic analysis, aiding the system in understanding customer process queries and resolving issues. 

  • Company Introduction: ICICI Bank offers varied banking activities. Retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking, private banking, mortgage loans, finance, insurance, credit cards, etc are its essential products and services. 
  • Use of Generative AI in Their Sales Process: AI tailors email content to match customer preferences and behavior, elevating engagement and conversion. Also, ICICI has introduced generative AI to increase sales using ML, NLP, and cognitive computing tools. By using cognitive tools, the bank's system can better comprehend, process, and resolve consumer inquiries through its interface, providing the appropriate answers in return. Using machine learning, the engine may improve consumer outcomes and learn how to handle queries independently.
  • Impact on Sales Process: AI integration enables the bank to deal with customers in real time. Bank sales have also increased due to improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction. 

Wipro: AI for Predictive Analytics and Sales Forecasting 

Wipro adopted AI to simplify complex sales processes and capabilities. It analyses sales data and market trends for sale forecasting. Below know about it in brief: 

  • Company Introduction: Wipro is a leading technology services and consulting company. It drives innovation and transformation across industries. 
  • Uses of Generative AI: With advanced algorithms and predictive modelling techniques, Wipro analyzes datasets that identify trends, patterns, and client behavior. This ensures accurate sales forecasting. 
  • Impact on Sales Process: AI has significantly impacted the company’s sales process. It enhances decision-making capabilities, drives revenue growth, increases sales efficiency, etc. 

Cognism: AI for Lead Generation 

Employing AI revolutionized the lead generation processes and boosted sales. It has eliminated manual prospecting efforts,  inefficient lead prioritization, and lack of data-driven insights. 

  • Company Introduction: Cognism is an application software development company. It envisages an artificial intelligence platform that allows companies and businesses to elevate or generate sales and leads. 
  • Use of Generative AI: It analyses the data, prioritizes ideal customer profiles, allows the sales team to personalize their approach, and engages with potential customers. Implementing AI has enhanced sales, identified leads, and increased conversion rates. 
  • Impact on Sales Process: AI has driven the sales process, revenue growth, and business success. 


Many companies are introducing Generative AI into the sales process. From personalized marketing to predictive analytics, it makes everything easy. Companies like Box, ICICI, etc, have already started using AI to boost their sales. AI will reshape the sales landscape in upcoming years. It will continue to surge and rapidly evolve the marketplace.