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Since the release of the official WhatsApp Business API, we have seen a massive surge in WhatsApp services and a great deal of innovation when it comes to chatbots for business. So it seems, WhatsApp assistants are on their way to even overshadow their fellow Facebook Messenger bots that ruled messaging space in the West so far. Have you had the chance to see some real WhatsApp bot examples?If not, let’s fix it.

If yes, you are about to see some more.We gathered seven excellent WhatsApp chatbot examples to inspire your conversational marketing, sales and customer support strategies in 2020!

1. Kids DXB: Information Hub

Chatbot Type: Rule-Based

UX: Numbered Menu

Kids DXB is a Dubai-based company offering a variety of learning, sport and fun activities for children in the Dubai area. They organize holiday camps, birthday parties and offer coaching for a variety of sports.

To improve customer acquisition and experience, they created a WhatsApp assistant that not only gathers new lead data but also provides information about all of the services in a comprehensive and convenient manner.

Without leaving WhatsApp, you can:

  • Learn about dates, locations, and activities of the holiday camps on offer
  • Make a specific birthday party request
  • Update your child’s info
  • Become a referral partner
  • Learn about and arrange sports coaching lessons
  • Be transferred to a human employee when the conversation requires it

The conversational aspect could be improved by introducing keyword recognition, but the number system works just as well and helps to provide a clear structure to what the bot can and cannot do.

All in all, the Kids DXB bot doesn’t just help the company collect phone numbers but also crucial information about their potential clients and their preferences. Conversation analysis makes easy to create target campaigns or enable human agents to take a very personalized approach from the first live conversation.

2. HeyPatch: Onboarding & Activation

Chatbot Type: Rule-Based

UX: Numbered Menu

HeyPatch is an English learning app for busy people (at least that’s how they present themselves). They are based in Madrid and their premise is simple: Language Learning through convenience and immediacy.

You may have noticed that there are two WhatsApp bot examples in this article. It’s no error. This Spanish startup has been quite hungry for innovation.

The first chatbot example I want to share is the most recent one. It’s a WhatsApp assistant for employees of their client companies which introduces the HeyPatch teaching methods and allows employees to book their first lesson.

Onboarding is a very subtle yet incredibly efficient use of WhatsApp bot. Its convenience makes the activation incredibly simple and so increases the chances of getting as many employees on board as possible.

3. HeyPatch: Augmented Service

Chatbot Type: Rule-Based

UX: Numbered Menu + Basic Keyword Recognition

The other WhatsApp bot example by HayPatch worth mentioning is their chatbot that administers 5-minute micro classes focusing on curiosities or on the most common mistakes Spanish speakers commit.

How does it work?Every few days the student receives a challenge and through a playful interaction (using written and audio-visual stimuli), learns something new.

Making WhatsApp assistant is a great way to augment and reinforce your existing user/customer experience. Plus, HeyPatch did an excellent job of integrating exciting audio-visual elements to keep the conversation alive and interesting.

4. Gamescom: Event Guide

Chatbot Type: Rule-Based

UX: Numbered Menu + Basic Keyword Recognition

Organizing events is no easy task. It doesn’t really matter how many emails you send out, most people start realizing they are missing some key information too late… often already on the go. That’s what makes Gamescom event assistant such as great use case and one of the most compelling WhatsApp chatbot examples.

The bot is designed to provide customer service on-the-go for the annual Gamescom event. It can tell you how to arrive, where to stay, cosplay rules, events, exhibitor line-ups, etc.

The conversational structure is simple and visual design could be improved. For instance, a lot of answers are wrapped up by “You can find info about *that* here: URL.” To maintain conversational fluidity, Gamescom could have translated some of the content on those URLs into videos, gifs, images or longer but well-structured responses.

Still, overall, the bot does a great job of fulfilling its existential premise and makes the life of event attendant significantly easier.

5. Cepsa: Employee Guide to Company Digital Transformation

Chatbot Type: Rule-Based

UX: Numbered Menu + Keyword Recognition

Cepsa is a Spanish oil company with almost 100 years of history and over 11,000 employees. Its main activities include the exploration and production of oil; refining, distribution, and marketing of oil derivatives; gas and electricity, etc.

Like all companies with history, Cepsa too needed to undergo digital transformation to stay relevant. However, for a company to truly transform, employees really need to be on board.That brings me to the next of our seven WhatsApp bot examples, Cepsa’s internal guide to digital transformation.

All it takes for employees to stay on top of digitalization is a chatbot conversation via WhatsApp. The bot offers basic information about the digital transformation, style of work, key roles, current state, the team, events and presentation schedule, and details, etc.

The bot is smooth and well structured, allowing the users to navigate through the numbered menu or by using keywords. Furthermore, the case demonstrates how WhatsApp can be an equally relevant and powerful tool in internal communication.

6. NiceHop: Personalized Travel Bargains

Chatbot Type: Rule-Based

UX: Numbered Menu

NiceHop is an innovative mobile-oriented travel company based around delivering personalized travel bargains directly to your phone via WhatsApp.

Their chatbot, Hoppi, gives users the option to check out a bargain of the day (chollo del día) or find a bargain based on your specification (such as the airport of departure and preferred dates). It then proceeds to search its database for the best possible bargain.

Hoppi is a simple rule-based bot but works surprisingly well. The experience feels conversational and Hoppi gives away a happy/cheeky personality vibe that makes you feel at ease.

7. SnapTravel: Business Premise

Chatbot Type: NLP

UX: Natural Input

Last but not least, there is the SnapTravel bot. SnapTravel like NiceHop is a new-generation travel agency.

The company uses WhatsApp and Facebook chatbots to deliver exclusive personalized deals on request in real-time.Unlike NiceHop’s Hoppu, SnapTravel bot doesn’t have much of a personality.

However, to make up for the lack of charm it has the convenience of using artificial intelligence, in particular, natural language processing, to analyze natural inputs.

As you can see in the example above, all it takes to launch a search is to write your request in your own words. Furthermore, the bot is also sensitive to further filters and conditions you may want to apply to your search such as “WiFi”, “Parking”, or “Gym” or “Late Checkout”.


It’s simple and functional and that’s what makes it great. AI bots with a single function tend to perform the best.

Inspired Enough to Start Building your Own?

If the examples above were enough to get you thinking about creating a WhatsApp bot of your own, then you are in luck. You don’t need to be a chatbot developer, or a developer in general, to build one.

A growing number of no-code solutions is allowing non-tech entrepreneurs, marketers and marketing agencies to take initiative and become makers of their own right.

Check out the key resources listed below to get started and learn how to:

However, if this wasn’t quite enough and you seek a bit more INSPIRATION, have a look at our compilation of WhatsApp use cases for chatbot:

To Sum Things Up…

As you can see, WhatsApp bot examples are not as rare as they used to be. Times, when such technology was exclusive to large companies like KLM, are long gone.

The no-code tech revolution is pushing the resource and skill entry bars lower and lower, and so your brand too can leverage and profit messaging strategies to improve user experience.

Start today, it's not too late!

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March 4, 2020
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