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What Makes Landbot such a
Powerful Chatbot Builder?

Landbot allows you to build high-quality chatbots in minutes, without coding. It puts interactive, user-friendly customer experiences at your fingertips.

We Make Simple Things Even Simpler

No-code chatbot builder makes bot creation easy, our bricks and templates take it even further!

Pre-built Chatbot Templates

Streamline your chatbot creation with pre-build bot templates for any occasion. Discover all templates for lead generation, product launch, event registration, job application and more!

Multi-Use Custom Bricks

Turn the most used sequences of your dialog flows (e.g. email verification or sign up) into virtual bricks you can reuse in any new bot with a single click. Use brick templates or create yours!

Codeless Formatting

Our available formats - landing page, site embed, pop-up and website widget - quadruple your lead generation powers by adapting your bot to any situation and target audience.

What Can Chatbots Do For Your Business?

Single tool, multiple applications.

Generate Leads

Forget the “fill-in-the-form” drama and collect lead data in real-time using always friendly, helpful & approachable chat assistants.

Run Surveys

Instead of bothering people with long boring forms, turn surveys into conversational experiences and watch your response rate soar.

Qualify Leads

Use smart integrations and targeted questions to assess and qualify potential leads without putting a strain on the UX.

Answer FAQs

Don’t let potential customers wander through the abyss of your website. Let your bot answer FAQs right on the spot.

Customer Support

Use bots to assess the issues, prep the ground for quicker resolution, provide better service and automate routine processes.

Collect Feedback

Make providing product feedback easy, memorable and most of all personal using conversational chatbot surveys.

Find Products Immediately

Turn conversations as a product finder, a smart filter that brings relevant products to the customer directly, in seconds.

Book Tickets & Reservations

Let customers book tickets, appointments or reservations in the course of a conversation, naturally and without friction.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Improve employee experience through recruitment and onboarding process automation that maintains its human touch.

Bringing All Your
Tools Together

Empower Conversations with

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Why Bet on Bots?

Chatbots are not just another tech hype. 
They are practical automation tools that can make a difference!

Relentlessly Hard at work 24/7

Chatbots work all day, every day, encouraging conversations, answering questions, identifying qualified leads for sales and marketing teams...

More efficient Lead Generation

Personalized chatbots ask the right questions, automatically prioritizing among conversations for more efficient lead generation results.

Personalized Conversations

Bots take the load off your team by scaling conversations automatically without losing human touch typical for live chat support.

What is a chatbot platform?

A chatbot platform helps businesses to build conversational solutions and so automate their communication processes. Chatbot makers are usually low or no-code which significantly speeds up and simplifies bot development making conversational solutions more accessible by default.

What does “no-code chatbot platform” mean?

A no-code chatbot platform is a tool that allows you to create a conversational app or a bot without any coding skills. This means you can build the conversational flow, use rich UI elements like buttons and carousels, and leverage integrations without any technical knowledge. In other words, sales teams, customer service reps and marketers…

Those who know the conversations that go on between the brand and the customer, can now become the developers and make the conversations more efficient.

Landbot's no-code builder enables 'makers' like you to create anything from simple to complex solutions just using the drag-and-drop interface. However, it also offers an option to add Javascript or custom CSS for those who are interested.

What are the requirements for building a chatbot?

The truth is, today, anyone can build a chatbot.

However, we found that for a business to succeed in chatbot implementation, it’s essential to have the whole company on board from bottom to the top: It’s also important to have clear idea of the goal they want to achieve and the part of the workflow or customer journey you want the bot to take care of.

What makes a great chatbot platform?

A great chatbot platform is intuitive and easy to use. While every tool has a learning curve, the best maker should make it easy to get around as well as get things done. 

Another essential aspect of greatness is the variety of features. This rings true especially for the no-code tools as the features dictate their flexibility and adaptability to different client needs. 

Personally, we also believe a great 'maker' should come with a great support system that is timely and forthcoming. In our experience, it’s the support in time of need that fuels the greatest customer success.

How to choose the best chatbot platform?

There is no “best” chatbot platform or builder. However, there is the best one for your business. When choosing, you need to consider:

Answering these questions will help you analyze the tools available to you on the market  taking into account their pricing, features, level of coding required and so forth. 

How do chatbots work?

How a chatbot works depends on  what kind of a bot it is. 

Rule-based chatbots work on the system of choice leading users down a predetermined decision tree kind of flow. They are more structured and perfect for completing tasks that require a bit of guidance. 

On the other hand, artificial intelligence bots analyze a user's natural input and using their training identify the intent - based on that they either proceed to ask more questions or offer an answer. In this scenario, the user has more freedom. However, if not designed correctly, too much freedom can result in confusion and friction.

How to build a chatbot?

Building a chatbot both rule-based and AI which uses natural language processing is possible with Landbot no-code builder. You can find full guides to both possibilities below:

What channels does Landbot support?

Landbot enables you to build chatbots for:

Hence, as easily as you can create chatbots for the web, you can put together a messenger bot or a conversational assistant for your business’ mobile app.

Start exploring Landbot's ecosystem today!

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