Building WhatsApp Chatbots Powered by AI

Don't miss an engaging webinar on WhatsApp-Led Growth and AI-Powered Chatbots. Hear from experts, explore WhatsApp's popularity as a business channel, and see a live demo of an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot.

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Join Rachel Ann Kreis, Vice President of Marketing at Landbot, and Abby Freeman, Lead Technical Support Engineer at Landbot, as they host an engaging webinar on WhatsApp-Led Growth and AI-Powered Chatbots. The webinar features a panel of experts, including Jon and James Lo from HyperScale and David Cohen from Meta (parent company of Facebook and WhatsApp).

The discussion delves into the rising popularity of WhatsApp as a business messaging channel, its benefits for consumers and businesses, and the integration of AI solutions like GPT-3 and ChatGPT in WhatsApp automation. You will also witness the practical demonstration of building an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot and have the opportunity to interact with it. Don’t miss this informative webinar that explores the intersection of WhatsApp, AI, and customer engagement.

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00:00 Intro

05:02 Discussion about WhatsApp for your business

25:17 Q&A for speakers

29:54 Building a WhatsApp Chatbots Powered by AI in Landbot

58:40 Q&A

Key takeaways

  • Build an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot
  • Hear from WhatsApp experts

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