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Landbot WhatsApp Business API Ecosystem

Connect with your customers using their favorite messaging app through a platform built for humans.

Send Reliable Messages to Users Globally 

Easily manage and request new HSM templates, design user opt-ins and manage your WhatsApp notification campaigns without having to rely on the IT department. Reach out to specific segments of your user base with the most relevant information, at the right time.

Create Opt-ins in Seconds 

Deploy static or conversational opt-ins & link them with HSMs and bots for instant engagement.

Launch Segmented Campaigns

Send out segmented campaigns using filters based on data collected by your bot.

Gain Critical Insights

Gather critical analytics from based on message delivery stats and chatbot flow analytics.

Keep Tabs on All Conversations with a
Multi-Agent Chat Manager

Sending and receiving messages via WhatsApp has never been simpler. Let your team handle all conversations or use your WhatsApp bots to pre-screen and manage bot-to-human handoff to assign conversations to specific agents.

Automate WhatsApp Customer Communication
Without Coding

Use automated conversations to free your employees from an avalanche of routine inquiries, power up your marketing campaigns and more. 

Empower the bot with
3rd-party integrations

Export, import and update data in real-time using Landbot’s out-of-the-box integrations such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zapier and more.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot
Landbot builder

Build a chatbot using Landbot’s no-code builder

Collect data with variables, personalize with conditional logic, make calculations with formulas, build conversations like it’s a game of LEGO.

WhatsApp API Use Cases

Make the most of your WhatsApp Business account and apply messaging strategy across multiple points of customer journey. 


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