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Landbot WhatsApp Business API Ecosystem

Connect with your customers using their favorite messaging app through a platform built for humans.

Automate WhatsApp Customer Communication Without Coding

Use automated conversations to free your employees from an avalanche of routine inquiries, power up your marketing campaigns and more. 

Landbot builder

Build a chatbot using Landbot’s no-code builder

Collect data with variables, personalize with conditional logic, make calculations with formulas, build conversations like it’s a game of LEGO.

Empower the bot with
3rd-party integrations

Export, import and update data in real-time using Landbot’s out-of-the-box integrations such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zapier and more.
WhatsApp Business API integration chatbot

Keep Tabs on All Conversations with a Multi-Agent Chat Manager

Sending and receiving messages via WhatsApp has never been simpler. Let your team handle all conversations or use your WhatsApp bots to pre-screen and manage bot-to-human handoff to assign conversations to specific agents.

Send Reliable Messages to Users Proactively

Easily follow up and notify your users with HSM templates that can besent out automatically or as a marketing campaign directed towardspecific segments of your audience.

Create Opt-Ins in Seconds

Obtain consent to send proactive messages to your users byusing our opt-in snippet or by directly asking them through WhatsApp.
Segmented Campaigns

Launch Segmented Campaigns

Send out segmented campaigns using filters based on data collected by your bot.

Gain Critical Insights

Gather critical analytics from your WhatsApp campaigns based on message delivery and opens statistics.

WhatsApp API Use Cases

Make the most of your WhatsApp Business account and apply messaging strategy across multiple points of customer journey. 

WhatsApp Business FAQs

Am I eligible for WhatsApp Business API?

To review which type of enterprises, businesses and brands WhatsApp accepts at the moment, please read our API application guide.

Does Landbot help WhatsApp Business API application process?

Yes. Once you sign up for Landbot WhatsApp Solution, our team will ask you to submit the required information and progress with the application process on your behalf. The entire process usually lasts around 1-2 weeks regardless of which provider you work with.

What is an HSM WhatsApp template?

Highly Structured Messages are template messages you can send to users in bulk as your company has to predefine and, once approved by WhatsApp, use them to reach out to users in bulk. HSM message delivery is paid but if the user sends a reply, any message sent from your WhatsApp Business profile within 24 hours of that reply falls in the free customer support window. Learn more about creating WhatsApp message templates here.

What is the opt-in and how does it work?

WhatsApp opt-in is an active consent users have to give you before you can contact them via WhatsApp. Opt-ins need to be done via a third-party channel. learn more about WhatsApp opt-ins and how they work here.

Can I start designing my bot before my WhatsApp API access is approved?

Landbot’s special WhatsApp Testing feature allows you to build and test your WhatsApp bot before your API application gets approved. This is possible because the testing channel is a closed one and only allows communication between your Landbot interface and the phone number you associated with the test account.

Do I have a guarantee my API application will be approved?

We take an utmost care to ensure each business we collaborate with is approved, managing the application process every step of the way. However, ultimately, the final decision rests with WhatsApp.

Do you offer support materials on WhatsApp bot creation?

We offer a number of additional support materials to help you get the most out of our WhatsApp chatbot builder and campaign manager. Please see:

- How to Create a WhatsApp Bot: Step By Step Guide
Landbot Knowledge Base
Landbot Academy: WhatsApp (Free but signup required)

Can I use artificial intelligence to build chatbots with Landbot?

Business and WhatsApp Professional subscription plans offer Dialogflow integration to construct AI NLP-driven bots using the Landbot interface making the development process free of coding.

Do I have to pay for the messages sent by a WhatsApp bot?

The only paid messages within the current API framework are the HSM template messages which are highly structured notifications sent separately from the bot flow. The automated chatbot conversation activates when the user responds to the HSM message, meaning the bot’s messages fall within the cost-free 24-hour support window. Any messages sent within the WhatsApp session are free.

Is it possible to create quick answers or buttons on WhatsApp for faster navigation?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp’s UI doesn’t allow for any rich elements at the moment. You can still create exceptional conversational experiences by using alternative WhatsApp bot conversation design workarounds for rule-based bots or build one using NLP.

How does human-bot takeover work? What if no agents are online?

You are the one who chooses the conditions of the takeover when building the bot. You can choose to send conversations to a specific agent or agents or leave the assignation set at default - in that case, the system will assign the conversation to an agent with least queries in their queue. If no agent is available, you can build an alternative path with, for instance, an option to schedule an appointment for later.

Does Landbot use the official Whatsapp Business API solution?

Yes! Landbot uses WhatsApp’s official API in cooperation with Zendesk’s Smooch too integrate your business with the most popular instant messaging app. Under constant improvements, the service is incredibly reliable and generates a frictionless experience for your users as well as your team.

Start exploring Landbot’s WhatsApp
Business API ecosystem today!

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