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Design & integrate conversational chatbots with your WhatsApp channels in a matter of clicks

Design & integrate conversational chatbots with your WhatsApp channels in a matter of clicks
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Any more doubts about WhatsApp chatbot integration?

What does “Request Early Access” mean?

The term “early access” refers to WhatsApp Business API, not the Landbot WhatsApp solution. Since the API is still in the beta stage, WhatsApp carefully reviews every application submitted individually or via a provider. Successful applicants are granted early access to the API.

To review which type of enterprises, business and brands WhatsApp accepts at the moment, please read our API application guide.

Does Landbot help WhatsApp Business API application process?

Yes. Once you sign up for Landbot WhatsApp Solution, our team will ask you to submit the required information and progress with the application process on your behalf. The entire process usually lasts 3-4 weeks regardless of which provider you work with.

Can I start designing my bot before my WhatsApp API access is approved?

Landbot’s special WhatsApp Playground feature allows you to build and test your WhatsApp bot before your API application gets approved. 
This is possible because the Playground channel is a closed channel allowing communication between the Landbot interface and the phone number you activated.

Do I have a guarantee my API application will be approved?

We take the utmost care to ensure each business we collaborate with is approved, managing the application process every step of the way. However, ultimately, the final decision rests with WhatsApp.

Do you provide a more detailed WhatsApp bot tutorial?

We offer a number of additional support materials to help you get the most out of our WhatsApp chatbot builder and campaign manager. Please see: 

Can I use artificial intelligence to build chatbots with Landbot?

Business/Enterprise subscription plan that includes WhatsApp bot service offers DialogFlow integration to construct AI NLP-driven bots using the Landbot interface. 

Is it possible to create a WhatsApp bot for group chat?

WhatsApp Business API is still under development and so we at Landbot also work to add more and more features to the service. While it’s not possible to do so at the moment, the feature will be available in the coming months. 

No-code? Does that mean I don’t need a developer at all?

Our Landbot interface was built to push the need for coding to an absolute minimum. For the most part developer intervention is unnecessary. 

On the other hand, you might reach out to one when dealing with webhooks or creating an NLP-driven flow. Still, given the interface and its features, the tasks you might delegate to a chatbot developer are largely simplified and will be easier and faster to complete than working from scratch.

Do I have to pay for the messages sent by a WhatsApp bot?

The only paid messages within the current API framework are the HSM template messages which are highly structured notifications sent separately from the bot flow. The automated chatbot conversation activates when the user responds to the HSM message, meaning the bot’s messages fall within the cost-free 24-hour support window. Any messages sent within the WhatsApp session are free. 

Is it possible to create quick answers or buttons on WhatsApp for faster navigation?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp’s user interface doesn’t allow for such elements at the moment, though it is likely the features will become available in the future. 
You can still create exceptional bots by using alternative WhatsApp bot conversation design workarounds or NLP.

How does human takeover work? What if no agents are online?

Essentially, you are the one who chooses the conditions of the takeover. You can choose to send agents notifications about incoming messages or, if they are offline or busy, offer users to book an appointment at a later time. All WhatsApp conversations are manageable via Landbot’s internal chat manager. 


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