How to Use Generative AI to Schedule Real Estate Appointments

Illustrator: Adan Augusto

When it comes to technological advancements, real estate has traditionally lagged, showcasing a hesitancy to embrace transformative technologies. However, the emergence of Generation AI presents a crucial opportunity for the real estate sector to shed its historical reluctance and position itself at the forefront of technological innovation. Rather than replacing analytical AI, Generative AI introduces a creative dimension, unlocking new applications beyond the purview of its analytical counterpart. Drawing insights from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) report, the potential value that Generative AI could bring to the real estate industry is estimated to range from $110 billion to $180 billion, signaling a substantial transformative potential.

In fact, the core strengths of generative AI stretch from synthesizing insights from unstructured data, interpreting conversations, content creation, coding solutions to customer engagement and much more. However, because of its versatility, its possibilities can often be overwhelming.

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To help real estate companies get started, in this article, we will delve into the potential of Generative AI in the context of lead generation and conversion, providing a specific use case (meeting scheduling), a Generative AI solution application tutorial (code-free), and a sample case study.  

Meetings as the Corner Stone of Real Estate Sales Operations

In an industry characterized by high-stakes transactions and intricate negotiations, the value of personal connections cannot be underestimated. Meetings provide a platform for real estate professionals to showcase their expertise, address concerns, and offer tailored solutions. The exchange of information during one-on-one encounters fosters a deeper understanding of client expectations, enabling agents to align their strategies with individual preferences.

Despite the undeniable advantages of prospect/client meetings, real estate professionals face a multitude of persistent challenges:

  • Slow response times due to work overload emerge as a palpable pain point, introducing delays in addressing lead inquiries and heightening the risk of missed opportunities. This not only casts a shadow on customer experience but also disrupts the seamless flow of the conversion process, leaving agents teetering on the brink of potential deals..
  • Appointment scheduling itself can become a logistical labyrinth. Many agents struggle with coordination and arrangement of appointments with leads, be it due to a lack of centralized systems and data silos or a cumbersome manual booking process. The resultant scheduling snafus not only frustrates agents but also undermines the effectiveness of prospect interactions.
  • Engagement, or the lack thereof, is another common struggle. Difficulties in maintaining effective communication with leads diminish the likelihood of successful conversions and customer retention. In addition, inefficiencies in regular communication channels pose a continual pain point, restricting professionals' ability to reach out and engage effectively, ultimately jeopardizing the delicate dance of client relationships.
  • Internally, there is the haunting and very persistent challenge in the form of information silos. It prevents the exchange of relevant lead information among agents and across departments. This internal strife hampers collaboration and teamwork, critical elements in an industry where collective efforts often pave the way to successful deals.
  • Last but not least, the lack of technological resources, particularly the lack of time or technical capabilities in implementing new processes, proves to be a limiting factor for real estate companies. As the industry evolves, the reluctance or inability to adopt innovative solutions, such as coding bots, impedes the progress of efficient workflows within professional contexts. Breaking free from these technological shackles becomes imperative for businesses striving to stay ahead in a fast-paced, tech-driven real estate landscape.

Generative AI as a Remedy for Real Estate Scheduling Conundrums?

The trials and tribulations outlined earlier present a daily struggle for real estate professionals, but could Generative AI hold the key to overcoming these challenges? With its inherent versatility and the recent proliferation of user-friendly solutions in the market, Generative AI emerges as a potential remedy.

A no-code conversational AI appointment scheduling assistant driven by Generative AI is poised to be the game-changer for agents and companies alike. Here's how:

  • Automate Lead Information Gathering: Generative AI redefines the data acquisition process, offering an automated solution that obviates the need for arduous manual input. This streamlining of lead information gathering allows real estate professionals to redirect their focus toward strategic decision-making.
  • Deliver Quick Responses to Common Lead Inquiries: The technology ensures real-time responses to frequently posed questions, diminishing the risk of delayed engagement with leads. This instantaneity not only enhances customer satisfaction but also safeguards against the potential loss of prospects to competitors.
  • Enable Continuous, Precise, and On-Demand Interaction: Generative AI ushers in an era of continuous, precise, and on-demand interaction. Through real-time FAQ responses, on-demand support, and multilingual capabilities, this technology elevates the quality of communication, creating an immersive and responsive experience for prospective clients.
  • Address Appointment Scheduling Challenges: The scheduling labyrinth becomes navigable with Generative AI, simplifying the process and eradicating complications associated with coordinating and arranging appointments. 
  • Communicate Through Preferred Channels & Improve Traditional Channels: The adaptability of Generative AI extends to a variety communication channels, whether seamlessly integrated into websites as smart chat assistants or utilized on widely-used platforms such as WhatsApp. This adaptability ensures a personalized and effective mode of communication, meeting clients on their preferred turf.
  • Promote Seamless Sharing of Relevant Lead Information: Collaboration is streamlined as Generative AI automates real-time sharing of and access to read and appointment information. 
  • Effortless Setup Without Technical Assistance: The implementation barrier dissipates with Generative AI's user-friendly interface. Tailored for diverse audiences, this solution accommodates both tech-savvy individuals and those with limited time or inclination for technical intricacies, ensuring a smooth onboarding process for all.

As the real estate industry navigates these disruptive times, Generative AI emerges as a pivotal force, reshaping scheduling dynamics and setting the stage for enhanced efficiency in the domain.

How Choices Boosted Lead-to-Appointment Conversion with Generative AI

In a strategic move to enhance efficiency and streamline communication, Choices, a real estate management company from the UK, implemented an AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp, transforming their lead management process and significantly improving their sales team's productivity. 

Facing challenges of fake or missing lead information, Choices sought a solution to automate lead qualification and appointment scheduling on WhatsApp while ensuring the accuracy of lead details. Leveraging Landbot's AI solution, Choices successfully automated FAQs, lead qualification, and appointment scheduling, resulting in a remarkable 9% conversion rate from lead generation to appointment booking.

With the AI WhatsApp chatbot available 24/7, lead queries are addressed promptly, even during weekends and outside regular office hours. The chatbot's role in verifying documentation and answering FAQs has allowed Choices' sales reps to focus on more complex aspects of the sales process, leading to higher-quality conversations with landlords. 

generative ai real estate solution

The results speak for themselves, with the AI solution engaging with over 230 landlords in just two months, showcasing a significant boost in the number of booked appointments and an overall improvement in the quality of interactions between sales representatives and landlords. The success of this innovative approach has prompted Choices to consider expanding the AI chatbot's deployment beyond social media to their website, demonstrating a commitment to continued improvement in customer interactions.

Discover and Implement Landbot’s AI Appointment Assistant in Swifly & without Coding

In response to the growing needs, our Landbot team presents its latest groundbreaking feature — the AI Appointment Assistant. This sophisticated AI tool was carefully designed to streamline the appointment scheduling process, offering unparalleled ease (in application as well as use) for both real estate businesses and their clients. 

In this section, we guide you through the setup process and provide valuable tips to maximize the potential of this powerful addition to the Landbot platform.

1. Access Landbot¡s AI Assistants: Inside the Landbot app, on the left-side menu, access the AI Assistant tab and select the “Appointments Feature.”

ai scheduling assistant

2. Choose Your Channel: You will be offered an option to select your preferred channel—the feature is compatible with Web and WhatsApp bots.

ai scheduling assitant

3. Intuitive Setup: Once you've selected your channel, an intuitive setup awaits. All you need to do is complete the following six sections to craft your AI Appointment Assistant bot:

  • Your Calendar: Connect your Google account to enable leads to book meetings. You can customize the meeting by deciding if it includes a video call, duration, available days, and time slots.
ai scheduling assistant
  • Ask the Lead: Tailor the bot's interaction by selecting the questions you want to pose to the lead. Standard questions are provided, but feel free to add custom queries to suit your needs.
ai scheduling assistant real estate
  • Answer the Lead: Train your bot with pertinent company information to provide prompt responses to leads' inquiries before booking a call.
  • Customize Assistant: Give your Assistant a fitting name, choose one or more languages for interaction, and infuse it with a personalized touch.
no code ai scheduling assistant
  • Notification: Wrap it up by providing an email for meeting notifications and information gathered by your AI Assistant.
no code ai scheduling assistant real estate

4. Publish Your Project: Don't forget to hit “Publish” to make your AI Appointment Assistant accessible for leads to use.

ai appointment scheduling assistant

And that is it! As your bot starts to engage with leads, pay attention to the “Analyze” tab to assess performance and review conversations. 

ai scheduling assistant analytics

Try the AI Appointments assistant now for Web or for WhatsApp!


On the dynamic landscape of real estate, Generative AI emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering transformative solutions to age-old challenges. Choices' success story with an AI-powered chatbot on WhatsApp showcases the tangible benefits of Generative AI in real-world scenarios, boosting lead-to-appointment conversions and revolutionizing efficiency. 

As real estate professionals navigate the complexities of slow response times and engagement struggles, the AI Appointment Assistant from Landbot becomes not just a tool but a strategic asset, propelling the industry into a future where tradition meets innovation with unparalleled ease and effectiveness.