Connect Landbot with your favourite apps

Connect Landbot with your favourite apps

Build powerful and engaging chatbots by integrating the applications you use most


Create "Zaps" within your bot flows to empower your conversational strategy with over 1000 of digital apps and tools available via Zapier. Zapier is a user-friendly web service that allows you to connect different commonly used web apps and automate actions between them. Connecting Landbot with Zapier will allow you to select Landbot from your list of triggers during the creation of a Zap and unlock a new realm of automation.


Get the most out of your bots by using our Google Sheet integration. Export, update, and retrieve data during conversations without a single line of code.Google Sheets is one of the most used spreadsheet software in the world and, when it comes to Landbot, one of the easiest yet most powerful integrations to set up. Following a simple setup, your bots can export, change, and pull a variety of spreadsheet data in a blink of an eye.


Integrate this best-in-class email automation software with your chatbots and send the collected user data to Mailchimp in real time. Whether you are paying it B2B or B2C, connecting the conversational power of Landbot with Mailchimp’s all‑in‑one marketing platform will give your business the capacity to provide personalized communication with human touch no matter how much you grow and automate.


Send personalized notification alerts from bots to your Slack channels so you and your team can keep up with key events! Slack notifications integration helps synchronize your business efforts. With instant alerts received by your central communication tool, tracking progress is made simple, unified, and accurate to the second for all members of your team.


Turn conversations into transactions thanks to our Stripe integration. Empower your chatbots to accept and process one-time payments.Boost your sales with a potent conversational strategy that eliminates unnecessary friction in your customer journey. Landbot's Stripe integration is SCA-ready, supports the 3-D Secure protocol within the bot, and creates a smooth purchase experience for every customer.


Create bots that will simplify and streamline marketing and sales workflows in real-time using Landbot's Salesforce integration.Train your chatbots to collect key lead data and export them straight from the conversations to your Salesforce database. This integration allows you to increase your workflow synchronicity and, so improve your response times, customer service, and, ultimately, your conversion rate.


Level up your conversational strategy by endowing your bots with natural language processing power using Dialogflow integration. Use Google's powerful NLP engine to design more natural conversational experiences. Simply train your agent in Dialogflow and "plug it into" the Landbot's flow. Enjoy both the flexibility of NLP without compromising on the structure and simplicity of a no-code builder.


Implement SendGrid to send email notifications to your users directly from your Landbot while appearing to be sent from the email with your domain. SendGrid is the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform enabling you to send an array of business emails without having to maintain email servers. In combination with Landbot, SendGrid allows you to send customers emails triggered by in-conversation actions directly from the bot though from an email address featuring your domain.


Unite your Landbot chatbots with the Zendesk's ticket management system to create a frictionless customer support experience. Our new Zendesk integration allows you to create a customer support ticket directly from a chatbot conversation and send it to Zendesk. This way you can automate common conversations with chatbot but still keep all the queries a bot can't resolve under one roof of your Zendesk account.

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