Examples of WhatsApp Message Templates across Industries

Illustrator: Adan Augusto
whatsapp message templates examples

WhatsApp’s role as a business growth channel is becoming increasingly clear. More and more brands are turning to the popular messaging app not only to capture and nurture leads but also to provide support and guidance. 

One of the core building blocks of WhatsApp automation is WhatsApp message templates, also known as Highly Structured Messages (HSMs). They are the starting point of any WhatsApp automation effort, whether you just plan on sending notifications, offering a way to contact your support agents, or offering the full self-service experience with a WhatsApp bot

As we have already covered in our article on how to create WhatsApp template messages, you need to follow strict guidelines for your templates to be approved. If you are not familiar with these rules, make sure to give the article a quick read to have an idea of the dos and don’ts. 

However, if you already know the rules but still struggle to imagine what kind of notifications you could possibly send to your audience to engage and incite them, this is the article for you. We put together a list of examples of WhatsApp message templates across different use cases and industries which you can easily adapt to your own business. 

Why is Getting WhatsApp Templates Right so Important?

As mentioned above, these templates are absolutely essential for all WhatsApp campaigns. It’s impossible to send outbound WhatsApp messages via the WhatsApp Business API (AKA WhatsApp Business Platform) without creating templates and having them approved.

Why the hassle with approvals?

Meta is very bullish about protecting the end-user experience. Therefore, every mass communication needs to be first submitted for approval before sending. It doesn’t matter the use case. If the message is outbound (business initiated), it’s of little consequence if it's promotional or simply offering support—it will need to be reviewed and approved. 

Another reason to create quality and engaging templates is WhatsApp’s tier system, which correlates quality with reach. 

Verified businesses can initiate conversations with a different number of unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period. It can be:

  • 1K unique customers
  • 10K unique customers
  • 100K unique customers
  • An unlimited number of unique customers

How do you know which category you belong in, and how is it determined?

Every single business starts at 1K unique customers. Only then you can scale automatically based on:

  • The phone number status;
  • The phone number quality rating;
  • How often the business initiates conversations with unique customers.

If you reach your messaging limit, you can only start more conversations as soon as one or more active conversations come to an end. For example:

Every time you initiate a new conversation with a unique customer, Meta will evaluate if your limit should be increased. Their verdict depends on whether: 

  • Your phone number status is Connected (meaning you can send outgoing messages within your set messaging limit);
  • Your phone number quality rating is Medium or High (the rating is determined by the customer feedback, such as the reasons behind blocking your phone number and other issues. Hence, quality matters!);
  • In the last seven days, you have started X or more conversations with unique customers, where X is your current messaging limit divided by two (In other words, the tier is also determined by your needs, if you don’t send enough messages, there’s no reason to give a bigger allowance even if your quality is good).

You can see your current messaging limits in the WhatsApp Manager > Overview Dashboard > Insights tab.

WhatsApp Templates Rules Crash Course

Before we dive in, here is a quick reminder of the HSM creation guidelines: 

  • The template is in line with WhatsApp's Business Policy and the WhatsApp Commerce Policy
  • The message template name field is not more than 512 characters
  • The message template content field is not more than1024 characters
  • The correct variable parameter format is {{1}} and cannot contain special characters such as #, $, or %.
  • Variable parameters must be sequential. For example, {{1}}, {{2}}, {{3}}, {{4}}, {{5}} — if for example all of the above are defined but {{3}} does not exist, the template will be rejected.

If your WhatsApp template gets rejected, all is not lost, though. You can edit it and submit it for review once again—the review can take anywhere between 2 to 24 hours.

WhatsApp Business Message Templates Examples to Copy & Customize

Below, you can find examples of WhatsApp message templates for different industries and use cases within them.


Order Confirmation

Dear {{1}}, We received your order number {{2}} on {{3}}. To view the details of your order again, go to the *My Orders* page in your account or click the link below. 

Button 1: Review My Order



Hi {{1}}, thank you for shopping with {{2}} 😍 We're getting your order number {{3}} ready to be shipped and will notify you when it has been sent. Please allow up to 14 days for your order to ship. 

Having Doubts?

Button 1: Cancel Order

Button 2: Return Options

Button 3: Stay up to Date

Abandoned Cart 

Hey {{1}}!👋
The amazing {{2}} products are waiting to be yours! 😍
Get your products here, before it’s too late👇
Button 1: Buy Now


{{1}}, did you forget something?

You have these pending items in your shopping cart with us: {{2}} 

The time is ticking! Finalize your purchase before the sales is over on {{3}} 📆 at {{4}} ⏰

Button 1: Back to Shopping Cart


{{1}}, the awesome {{2}} are still waiting in your cart. The stock is running out fast so come back and complete your purchase. Quick! 

Button 1: Complete my purchase

Button 2: Continue shopping

Shipping Notification

Hello {{1}} 

Your order has been handed over to our logistics partner and is now on its way to you. Estimated delivery date: {{2}}


Hi {{1}}

Your parcel from {{2}} has been processed in our {{3}} facility.

You may track your parcel using your tracking number {{4}} by clicking the option below. Should you have any queries regarding the delivery of your parcel, please contact us.

Button 1: Track your parcel

Button 2: Contact support

Product Feedback

Hello {{1}}, 👋
We hope you are enjoying the {{2}} you purchased on {{3}}
Can you share your experience with us? We would ❤️ to hear your opinion
Simply choose from the options below👇
Quick Replies:
😍 I love it | 👍 I’m satisfied | 😐 I’m not satisfied | 😫 I’m disappointed



Hey {{1}},

We’d love to know your thoughts on your recent purchase. By leaving a review, you're helping the {{2}} community to shop and helping us improve. Just reply to this message to submit your review!

Order Cancellation

Hi {{1}}
Your order number {{2}} has been cancelled. The amount will be refunded to your account within 3 business days.
We're sorry this order didn't work out for you but we hope to see you again! 🙂

Button 1: Contact support

Button 2: Visit shop 

Festive & Promotional Offers

Hey {{1}}👋
Thanks to customers like you, {{2}} is celebrating 10th anniversary 🎉

To celebrate, enjoy epic discounts up to 60%
Hurry! The offer expires on {{3}}⏳

Button 1: Shop now


HO-HO-How ready are you for the holidays? 

Still looking for the right present? Then let us help! Enjoy our year-end promotions up to 20% off. Order before {{1}} and delivery before Christmas is guaranteed!

Button 1: Shop now!

Real Estate

First Touch Point Follow-Up/Lead Qualification

Thanks for visiting HappyHomes website and subscribing to our WhatsApp channel, {{1}}! Let us know how we can help!


Note: Type “unsubscribe” at any moment to unsubscribe from this service.

Button 1: Buy

Button 2: Rent

Button 3: Sell

Button 4: Talk to an agent


Hi {{1}}, thank you for reaching out to HappyHomes Real Estate. To make your experience as smooth as possible, we need a few more details about your needs and preferences. Are you ready?

Button 1: Yes, let’s do it!

(Note: Connect this message to a simple bot that will help you assess the buyer/renter/seller, their needs, and specifications, so you can offer a personalized experience from the first interaction.)


Hi {{1}}, thank you for your interest in working with HappyHomes!

Button 1: Schedule a call with an agent

Button 2: Learn more about us

Viewing Reservation Confirmation

Hello {{1}}, Your viewing reservation for listing {{2}}, on {{3}}, at {{4}} is now scheduled. In case you are unable to come or change your mind, please let us know in advance. 

Button 1: Cancel

Button 2: Reschedule


Hi {{1}}, the listing {{2}} you were interested in is now available for viewing. The open house will take place on {{3}}, between {{4}}. If you wish to attend, please let us know below:

Button 1: Sign me up!

Button 2: Alternative dates?

Reminders & Alerts

Don’t forget about your viewing!

Hello {{1}}, Your scheduled viewing of {{2}} is tomorrow at {{3}}. 

Button 1: I’ll be there

Button 2: Cancel

Button 3: Reschedule 


Inspection Reminder!

Hi {{1}}, you have a walk-through home inspection scheduled for {{2}} at {{3}}. Please choose one of the options below to confirm or change this appointment.

Button 1: Confirm

Button 2: Reschedule

Post-Viewing Follow-Up

Hi {{1}}, did {{2}} viewing go well? Submit your offer or click bellow to check out similar properties:

Button 1: Submit offer

Button 2: See similar properties


Hi {{1}},

Thank you for your time on {{2}}, it was great to meet you.

If you are interested or have additional questions, message us your questions or schedule of a follow-up call. 

Button 1: I have questions

Button 2: Schedule a call

Button 3: Place an offer


Hi {{1}},

We just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come to the {{2}} open house on {{3}}. It was great to meet you. How did you feel about the property? We’d love to get your feedback.

Quick replies: 

I want to place an offer. 

I’m interested. 

It’s not what I’m looking for. 

New Property Alerts

Hey {{1}}, there are {{2}} new property listings that match your criteria, which we think you might like:

Button 1: See listings

Button 2: No longer interested 


Hey {{1}},

There is a new listing that matches {{2}} out of {{3}} of your pre-selected preferences!

Button 1: See listing

Button 2: Schedule viewing

Selling/Landing Process Alerts

Hello {{1}},

Your home valuation will be complete in {{2}} business days. If you have any questions or doubts in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Button 1: Appraisals 101 

Button 2: Talk to my agent


Hello {{1}},

A new viewing has been scheduled for your property listing on {{2}} at {{3}}. 


Hello {{1}},

You received a new viewing request for your property listing on {{2}} at {{3}}. Please confirm or decline the request.

Button 1: Accept

Button 2: Suggest alternative time/date

Buying/Renting Process Alerts

Congratulations, {{1}}! 

Your offer for {{2}} property has been accepted.

Button 1: Next steps
Button 2: Talk to your agent


Hi {{1}} 

Unfortunately, your offer for the {{2}} property has been declined. However, we have other listings matching your criteria we think might interest you. Let us know if you would like to set up another viewing for any of them.

Button 1: See similar properties
Button 2:
Talk to your agent



Hi {{1}}, in order to proceed with the rental application, you need to submit a copy of {{2}} and {{3}}.

Button 1: Upload documents
Button 2:
Withdraw application 



Hey, {{1}}.

The rental property on {{2}} you were interested in dropped price from {{3}} to {{4}}! Still interested?

Button 1: Place offer

Button 2: Arrange 2nd viewing

Button 3: No longer interested


Hi {{1}}, We have a few open houses that may interest you. Here’s a breakdown of the locations and times:

  1. {{2}} on {{3}} between {{4}}
  2. {{5}} on {{6}} between {{7}}
  3. {{8}} on {{9}} between {{10}}

Let me know if you plan to stop by any of these!

Button 1: Schedule viewing


Welcome Messages

Hello {{1}}, thank you for subscribing to XXX finance on the go! You’ll receive smart spending alerts as well as personalized money-management tips. 

If you wish to withdraw from the service, type “unsubscribe” anytime.


Hi {{1}}, thank you for signing up for WhatsApp banking with XY bank! If you wish to opt out from the service, simply type “unsubscribe at any moment. 

Button 1: Learn more


Hello {{1}}, Thank you for choosing XYZ Financial Consulting. We are delighted to have you on board. Feel free to explore our services or rech out to support!

Button 1: Investment

Button 2: Insurance

Button 3: Mortgage

Button 4: Schedulle a call

Account Balance Alerts

Hi {{1}}, your account balance is now €{{2}}. For more information, click below:

Button 1: Access Account

Transaction Alers

New Transaction 💰

Hi {{1}}, your {{2}} debit card has been used for payment of {{3}} at {{4}}. Your balance now stands at {{5}}. If you didn’t initiate this translation, please click below: 

Button 1: Unauthorized transaction

Suspicious Activity Alerts


Hi {{1}}, We have detected unusual activity from your account at {{2}}. If you did not initiate this transaction, contact us immediately. 

Button: Report Unauthorized Transaction

Button: It’s OK!

Deposit/Withdrawal Alerts

*Deposit Successful!*

Hello {{1}, the amount of {{2}} tagged {{3}} on {{4}} was deposited into your account successfully.


*Withdrawal Alert!*

Hi {{1}}, the amount of {{2}} has been withdrawn from your account {{3}}. Your current balance stands at {{3}}. If you did not authorize this withdrawal, please let us know immediately. 

Button 1: Unauthorized withdrawal

Low-Balance/Overdraft Alerts


Hi {{1}}, your account balance is under €50 and is in danger of getting overdrawn. 

Button 1: Manage account


*Balance Overdrawn!*

Hello {{1}}, your account balance is overdrawn, standing at {{2}}. Please address the situation as soon as possible. Charges apply.

Button 1: Overdraft charges explained

Button 2: Manage account 

Payment Reminders

Hi {{1}}, your credit card payment of {{2}} is due by {{3}}. To avoid late fees, please make the payment before the due date.

Button 1: Pay now

Button 2: Set up automatic payments

Button 3: Pay in installments

Special Promotions

Hi {{1}},

Congratulations! You have been pre-approved for a {{2}}. Click below to learn more!

Button 1: Learn more! 


Hi {{1}},

Health insurance is everything. Sign up for a plan in November and get €100 gift card. 

Button 1: Tell me more!

Documents Upload

Hi {{1}}, thank you for choosing {{2}} bank. You are eligible for the loan. We are happy to announce you are eligible for the loan. Please upload {{3}} to start the upload procedure.

Button 1: Submit Documents

Button 2: Access Account

Button 3: I have questions

Customer Feedback

​​Hi {{1}}, Thank you for participating in our *Financial Management On The Go* program! We hope you found it helpful. We would love to hear your opinion. It will help us improve the program and continue raising financial literacy. 

Button 1: Let’s do it!

(Note: Connect this template to an automated conversational questionnaire follow-up for a more structured feedback)


​​Hi {{1}}, Thank you for opening a {{2}} with us! We would like to hear your thoughts on the process. It would help us to provide better services. To submit your feedback, simply reply to this message. 

Travel & Hospitality

Onboarding/Welcome Message

Dear {{1}}, 

Welcome to *Travelio*! This channel is THE place to receive personalized travel deals, stealworthy packages and smart travel advice! 

_Note: Lost interest? Just type “unsubscribe” to stop receiving messages._
Button 1: Set frequency preferences

Button 2: Set travel preferences

Button 3: Surprise me!


Hello {{1}} and happy Travel Thursday 🗺 🛫

Don’t miss out on our special deal of the day: {{2}}
Offer expires at {{}}.
Button 1: Book Now


Hey {{1}} need to _treat yo self_? 🧖 🛀 🧘 🍾

Than jump on this DELUXE and enjoy {{2}} at 35% off!
Offer expires at {{}}.
Button 1: Book Now

Retargeting Campaigns

Hey {{1}}, thank you for booking {{2}} with us! However, there’s so much more to do in {{3}}. Check out the TOP-RATED activities below to fill up your itinerary:

Button 1: {{4}}

Button 2: {{5}}

Button 3: {{6}}


Hello {{1}}! Are you itching for an adventure this {{2}}? We compiled a list of {{3}} to inspire your next trip!

Button 1: Start Exploring

(Note: Link this template to a conversational newsletter bot that shares your content in a WhatsApp-friendly format.)

Transport Alerts

Oh no! There’s been a delay! Your flight number {{1}} from {{2}} to {{3}} is delayed {{4}} due to {{5}}. We will keep you posted!


Hello {{1}}, your tour bus {{2}} will depart on {{3}} at {{4}} from {{5}}. Please be at the location at least 10 minutes before departure time and have your QR code ready. 

Booking Confirmations

Hi {{1}}, thank you for booking {{2}} with us. Your experience will take place on {{3}}, at {{4}}. Make sure you bring your ID and have your virtual ticket on hand.


Hello {{1}}, thank you for booking your stay with HotelStars!

*Room:* {{2}}

*Arrival Date:* {{3}}

*Nights:* {{4}}

*Guests:* {{5}}

*Special requests:* {{6}}


We are looking forward to welcoming you. 

Button 1: Amenities & Services

Button 2: Contact Support


Hello {{1}}, how did you enjoy {{2}} with us? We would LOVE to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our experiences. Please take a few seconds to rate us below!
Button 1: ⭐️

Button 2: ⭐️⭐️

Button 3: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Button 4: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Button 5: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

(Note: you can link this template to a chatbot flow, asking for more specific questions to gain a more qualitative feedback.)

To Sum it Up

WhatsApp message templates are integral part of WhatsApp communication strategy whether you plan on using it for marketing, sales or customer support purposes. It's essential you dedicate time to create high-quality messages to build up your image and credibility.

Feel free to soak up inspiration from our examples above but remember! Customization is king!