WhatsApp's Opt-in Policy

Discover WhatsApp's Opt-In policy and best practices to ensure a high-quality opt-in experience for your users.

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In this video we delve into WhatsApp's Opt-In policy, a crucial element of responsible messaging on this platform. WhatsApp Business Messaging Policy mandates that users must explicitly consent to receive messages, making them subscribers to your WhatsApp Business Number.

The video outlines best practices for an exceptional opt-in experience. To begin, it emphasizes the importance of a clear opt-in process that distinctly states the user's intent to receive messages from your business and clearly identifies your business's name. The primary aim is to prevent unwanted spam messages, akin to those encountered in SMS or email marketing.

Additionally, the video touches on how to implement these best practices effectively. It discusses clarifying the types of messages you will send and providing simple instructions for users to opt-out if they wish. Failing to uphold these standards can lead to users blocking or reporting your business, which may negatively impact your quality rating and limit your WhatsApp usage.

The video also offers practical solutions for managing opt-outs, including automated methods using Landbot's Global Keyword block or manual opt-out through WhatsApp Business.

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00:29 WhatsApp's Opt-in Policy

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Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp's Opt-in Policy
  • How to generate an Opt-in
  • Best Practices for high quality Opt-in experience