Expanding your WhatsApp channel

Discover the different ways to expand the reach of your WhatsApp Business Channel with this video.

In this video, we explore the different ways to expand the reach of your WhatsApp Business Channel. We all know that the channel can be shared as a link, QR code, in deep links, and more, but where should you place it? The possibilities are endless.

First, we help you define an entry point strategy that fits your specific use case, taking into consideration your marketing, commerce, customer care, and loyalty requirements. Then, we present you with various organic and paid entry points that will help you build awareness of your WhatsApp number across the customer journey.

Starting with organic social media, we suggest placing a persistent click-to-chat link in your social media accounts' bios or using a live chat widget on your website. We also recommend placing the WhatsApp number, text link, or QR code inside your contact us page, in your homepage, and using deep links.

On the other hand, paid entry points include creating ads on Facebook and Instagram, influencer collaborations, and using traditional advertising methods like QR codes on product packaging and billboards. In this video, we will help you to define the user behavior you want to encourage, and from there, find the best ways to place your WhatsApp Channel for maximum engagement.

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00:56 Entry point strategy

1:35 Organic entry points

2:56 Paid entry points

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Key Takeaways

  • Define an entry point strategy
  • Organic entry points
  • Paid entry points