Dialogflow & Landbot

Learn how to create a natural understanding chatbot using Dialogflow and Landbot in 6 videos. Train your agent, use entities and redirect users for Web and WhatsApp chatbots like a pro.

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This 6-video course will teach you how to set up Dialogflow with Landbot and create your first natural understanding chatbot. You'll learn how to train your agent with phrases and responses, as well as how to use entities in Dialogflow to enhance the user experience.

Entities are key components of Dialogflow, allowing you to identify and extract specific information from user input, such as dates, times, and locations. You'll learn how to use them effectively to make your chatbot more accurate and efficient.

The course will also cover how to redirect users in the chatbot flow based on intent name and entities, enabling you to create personalized interactions and improve the user experience. This feature can be used for both web and WhatsApp chatbots, making it a versatile tool for any business or individual looking to create a chatbot.

By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to create a powerful, natural understanding chatbot using Dialogflow and Landbot. You'll be able to train your agent, use entities effectively, and redirect users based on intent name and entities. Whether you're building a chatbot for a business or personal project, this course is a must-watch for anyone looking to create a successful and effective natural understanding chatbot.

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