Intro to Variables

Learn the basics of variable creation and usage in Landbot. Understand how variables can be created, what are the different types, and the importance of giving each variable a unique name.

In this Landbot tutorial, you'll learn about the importance of variables and how to use them effectively. Variables act as "boxes" that store user responses and enable you to later use that information in your bot's flow.

First, you'll learn about the different variable formats. String variables can hold a wide range of information, from words to hyperlinks to emojis. Number variables are reserved for numeric data, while Date variables are specifically designed to store dates. Finally, Array variables can hold a group of elements of the same data type, like a list of strings or numbers.Next, you'll discover how to create and modify variables within the Landbot builder. When building your bot's flow, you'll want to create a unique variable for each question block. This will help you store and retrieve user responses accurately.

You'll also see a demonstration of how to create a question name block and a question email block with their corresponding variables. You'll learn how to change variable names and create unique names for each block.

Finally, you'll see why it's essential to give each variable a unique name. If you reuse the same variable name, the information stored in the variable will overwrite itself, and you'll lose data. You'll see a demonstration of how this can happen with a button block that uses the same variable for two different questions.

In conclusion, variables are essential components of any Landbot bot. With the knowledge gained from this tutorial, you'll be able to create effective variables, store user responses accurately, and use that information to create more human-like conversations.

00:00 Intro

00:47 Variable formats

01:32 How to create variables

02:02 Quick Example

03:11 Unique names to variables

04:28 Recap

Key takeaways

  • Types of variables
  • How to create a variable
  • Types of variables
How to create a variable