Messaging Limits and Quality Rating

Learn WhatsApp's messaging limits and quality rating, discover how to increase your limits for a successful WhatsApp Business number.

In this video, we dive into the world of WhatsApp messaging limits and quality ratings, two critical factors for businesses using the platform to communicate with customers.

WhatsApp sets messaging limits to manage the number of conversations you can initiate in a 24-hour period. The limit varies depending on your account's status and quality rating. This video breaks down the conditions and requirements that determine your messaging limits, such as a connected phone number and a good quality rating.

Understanding the quality rating is equally essential. It depends on how users receive and respond to your messages. Maintaining a high-quality rating involves compliance with WhatsApp Business and Commerce policies, personalized and useful messaging, respecting user preferences, and optimizing content and frequency.

Join us in this video to gain clarity on WhatsApp's messaging limits and discover strategies to maintain a high-quality rating for effective customer communication.

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00:34 WhatsApp messaging limit

01:34 How does WhatsApp determine your messaging limit?

02:17 WhatsApp decreasing your limit

03:09 Tips & tricks for a high quality rating

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Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp messaging limit
  • Tips & tricks for a high quality rating