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Learn how to find and analyze valuable data in Landbot, from overall channel metrics to specific chatbot data and agent reports.

Data collection and analysis are essential for making smart decisions and monitoring the health of any channel. In this video, we will explore how to find and analyze valuable data in Landbot.S

tarting with the Metrics section, located on the left sidebar of the app, we will find all the important channel metrics laid out in a graph, including active and new chats, total messages, and more. Users who interacted with our chatbots are also listed in the Users section.

Moving on to specific chatbots, we can dive into the metrics of channels like WhatsApp, WhatsApp testing, Web chatbots, and API chatbots. Keep in mind we can also see specific chatbot data inside the builder in the analyze section.

Lastly, the Agent Reports section is specifically useful if we have human agents answering and texting with users in the chat section. Here we can track specific teammate data, like First response time and Average response time among other metrics.In summary, this video shows where to find all the valuable data in Landbot, including overall channel metrics, specific chatbot data, and agent reports.

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Key Takeaways

  • Monitor channel performance
  • Extract Agent Reports