Getting started with Landbot for WhatsApp

In this Webinar, Natalia and Tono discuss the WhatsApp Business API platform, types of WhatsApp messages, the opt-in policy, chatbot building, promoting WhatsApp channel, and how to send WhatsApp campaigns or reminders.

The world of business has drastically changed since the advent of technology. Nowadays, companies need to be available on various platforms to provide top-notch customer support and increase sales. One such platform is WhatsApp Business. In this video, Natalia and Tono explore the WhatsApp Business API and the benefits it has for medium to large companies.

They also delve into the types of WhatsApp Business API messages and how they can be used to enhance customer experience. Additionally, they touch on the opt-in policy that WhatsApp enforces to ensure customers' privacy is maintained.

This webinar also provides insights on how to build a WhatsApp chatbot giving tips on how to make the chatbot engaging and effective. Promoting your WhatsApp channel is crucial to ensure that customers are aware of your presence on the platform. The video offers tips on how to promote your WhatsApp channel, such as including WhatsApp links in emails and social media accounts.Lastly, the video provides a step-by-step guide on how to send a WhatsApp campaign.

A WhatsApp campaign is an effective way to reach out to potential customers and create brand awareness. Natalia and Tono highlight the dos and don'ts of creating a WhatsApp campaign to ensure maximum engagement.In conclusion, this webinar will provide insights on how to utilize WhatsApp Business API effectively. The platform can help businesses enhance customer support and increase sales. By following the tips and guidelines provided in the video, businesses can utilize WhatsApp Business API to its full potential.

0:00 Intro

2:21 Scan QR code

2:57 Housekeeping items

4:52 Webinar agenda

6:15 Why WhatsApp Led Growth

15:30 Build a bot with us!

24:26 Sending a campaign

26:45 Answering questions

31:16 Tips & tricks to promote your WhatsApp account

41:12 Q&A section

Key takeaways

  • WhatsApp Business API must knows
  • Typs to promote your WhatsApp channel
  • How to Build a WhatsApp bot

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