Send Campaigns to Subscribers

Learn how to send WhatsApp campaigns for your business in Landbot by following this step-by-step tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to send WhatsApp campaigns for your business using Landbot. Firstly, we will cover what you need to create a WhatsApp campaign - an audience from your subscribers list and an approved message. You can create your audience by navigating to the audience tab inside Landbot, while you can request message templates for approval from the template message section. Once you have both of these, you are good to go!

Next, we will show you how to create and send a WhatsApp campaign in Landbot. Simply go to the campaign section and click on "new campaign". Give the campaign a unique name, select an audience you have already created, and choose the message template you want to send. Fill out any parameters and select the bot that will be triggered when the user interacts with the message template.

You can also add custom variables to the audience if desired. Finally, schedule the campaign to be sent immediately or at a custom date and time.

Once the campaign is sent, you can track metrics such as how many messages arrived and how many people replied. You can also view the full conversation in the chat section by clicking on a link. By following these steps, you can increase engagement with your subscribers and build stronger relationships with your audience.

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00:13 What is needed to send Campaigns?

00:57 How to create and send a Campaign

1:48 Campaign metrics

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Key Takeaways

  • How to send a WhatsApp campaign
  • Track campaign metrics