Automatically Send an email

Learn how to automatically send emails to clients or coworkers using the send an email block. Choose between Landbot email server or custom email and type in the recipient, subject, and message.

Are you tired of manually sending emails to your team or leads? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the send an email block to automate the process.

To begin, add the send an email block at the end of the flow. In the “from” section, you have two options: the Landbot email server or a custom email. For testing purposes, we’ll use the Landbot email server, but if you want to send emails with your own domain, you will need a sendgrid account and connect it to Landbot.

Don’t worry, we have an article in our documentation that shows you how to do it! (Link to article:

Next, type in the email address of the recipient in the designated field. For this tutorial, we’ll use a test email. Then, add a subject to the email and craft your message. Here’s the best part: you can use variables from the chatbot to personalize the message.

Once you’ve completed the setup, save and preview the flow. When you reach the end of the flow, the send an email block will trigger and automatically send the email to the recipient.By using the send an email block, you can save time and streamline your communication process with clients and coworkers. Watch this video to learn how to set it up and start automating your email communications today.

00:00 Send and email block

00:48 Chatbot in action!

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Key Takeaways

  • Send an email
  • Use custom domain