Getting Started with WhatsApp Campaigns Video Guide

Learn to create and send WhatsApp Campaigns with Landbot for engaging interactions, boosting sales, and retaining customers.

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Discover the potential of WhatsApp message campaigns through this tutorial with Landbot. In today's digital age, reaching customers effectively is crucial for any business. This video explains how WhatsApp campaigns can be a powerful tool to connect with your target audience through personalized and engaging conversations.

The tutorial is divided into two main sections. Firstly, you'll learn how to create a test audience within Landbot, essential for refining your campaigns. This step involves importing test contacts and ensuring you have their consent to receive messages.

The second part guides you through crafting and sending a test campaign. You'll explore different message templates, select your audience, and witness the process in action. The tutorial emphasizes the significance of the WhatsApp Business API integration process, which requires upgrading to a WhatsApp Plan for sending campaigns through your official WhatsApp Business Account.

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00:00 Intro

0:35 Creating Audience

1:13 Create & Send Campaign

1:46 Outro

Key takeaways

  • Build a test audiance
  • Send a WhatsApp campaign
  • Master WhatsApp Campaigns
  • Build a test audiance
Send a WhatsApp campaign
Master WhatsApp Campaigns