Analyse chatbot data

Learn how to analyze your chatbot data in Landbot using the Metrics, Users, and Flow Analytics tabs in the Analyze section of the builder.

In this video, we will show you how to analyze your chatbot data in Landbot using the Analyze section of the builder. By going to the Metrics tab, you will find basic information about your chatbot such as the number of users that started and completed a conversation.

You can filter by data range and timeframe and even choose the type of graphic you want to see. Additionally, if you've used the goal block, you can check the number of users that reached this goal and its corresponding rate.

In the Users tab, you can find the details of every user that interacted with your bot and all the variables saved during the interaction. You can add filters and show or hide specific variables from the bot.

Lastly, the Flow Analytics tab provides you with a visualization of your chatbot flow and the possibility to track the block-by-block conversion and drop-off ratio from each block. You can hover over any arrow to see the absolute number of visitors that have chosen that path. You can also export the flow as a png file.

To recap, analyzing your chatbot data is crucial to iterating newer and better versions of your chatbot. Inside the Analyze section in our builder, you will find three different tabs with useful data regarding the performance of your chatbot. So watch this video and learn how to optimize your chatbot's performance.

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Key Takeaways

  • Analyze chatbot data
  • Track block-by-block conversion
  • Track user data and drop-off ratio