Training phases and responses for FAQ

In this video, we learn how to train your Dialogflow agent with new intents to create a better FAQ bot. We use Google Spreadsheets to organize our training phrases and create three new intents.

In this lesson, we delve deeper into Dialogflow and learn how to train it with new intents to create a better FAQ bot. We start off by using Google Spreadsheets to organize our training phrases, which we will use to train our Dialogflow agent. We have two columns in our spreadsheet: "Intent Name" and "Training Phrase".

The training phrases column is where we write all the sentences we want our agent to be trained with, and for the intent name, we will use "faq.location", "faq.hours", and "". We can repeat this process for as many training phrases and intents as we want. Once we have our training phrases set and organized in our spreadsheet, we can move on to creating our new intents in Dialogflow. We start with the "faq.location" intent, copy and paste our training phrases, add the response, and save.

We repeat this process for the "faq.hours" intent and the "" intent with their respective training phrases and responses. It's important to test our intents in the top right corner of Dialogflow to ensure they work correctly.

After training our Dialogflow agent, we move on to Landbot to test our bot. We ensure that the agent in the Dialogflow block is the one we just trained and then publish and share our bot with a link. We test our bot by typing in questions such as "Do you offer delivery?", "Where's the location of the restaurant?", and "When are you open?", and we get the correct responses. This lesson teaches us how to train Dialogflow with new intents using Google Spreadsheets and test our bot in Landbot.

We learn how to create three new intents for our FAQ bot and how to ensure they work correctly. In the next lesson, we will understand what entities are in Dialogflow and what we can do with them in Landbot.

00:00 Intro

00:20 Training phrases

1:23 Creating intents

2:10 Testing in Landbot

2:55 Outro

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Key Takeaways

  • Create new intents with responses
  • Organize training phrases
  • Test the bot in Landbot with different questions