How to create a Campaign Audience

Learn how to create a WhatsApp Campaign audience in Landbot!

To launch a successful WhatsApp Campaign in Landbot, you need two key components: an approved message template and a receptive audience from your WhatsApp subscribers. In this video tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of creating a targeted audience for your WhatsApp Campaign in Landbot.

First, navigate to your WhatsApp Business section within Landbot, select your channel, and access the "Audiences" tab. Click on "New Audience" to begin the setup.

Assign a distinctive name to your audience to ensure easy identification during campaign launches. You have three options for adding contacts: upload a CSV file, manually input phone numbers separated by commas, or select subscribers based on time and user variables.

It's crucial to confirm that all contacts added have previously opted in and consented to receiving WhatsApp messages from your business by checking the provided box.

Once satisfied, click "Create Audience," and you're all set! You now have a tailored audience ready to receive your WhatsApp Campaigns with approved message templates.

Remember, you can always edit your created audiences by adding or removing contacts to keep your campaigns targeted and effective.

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  • Defining your audience
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