Redirect based on name & entities

Learn how to redirect users to specific flows based on Intent Name and Entities using Dialogflow in Landbot.

In the final lesson of this course, we will explore how to redirect users to specific flows based on Intent Name and Entities. Throughout the previous lessons, we built Intents and flows using Dialogflow and Landbot, creating a loop that processes all user input through Dialogflow and displays it on Landbot. However, to maximize the potential of using Dialogflow with Landbot, we must combine the strengths of both tools.

Dialogflow is used to "understand and capture" user inputs, and Landbot is used to make different operations with the gathered information.To redirect users using Intent Name, we will set flows based on 4 intents, including, faq.hours, faq.location, and reservation.trigger. In Landbot, we will use a Keyword jump block, which redirects the flow based on keywords.

The variable to match will be the intent triggered by Dialogflow, and the keywords used will be the different intent names listed in Dialogflow.To redirect users based on Entities, we will add entities to our block inside Landbot. For example, we will set the entity date-time associated with @reservation_date and the number of people on the reservation with the @people variable. We will add a conditional block specifically for the reservation.trigger flow.

If @people is greater than 6, the flow will follow the green path and send a specific GIF, and if it is less than 6, it will follow the red path and send a different GIF.

Apart from Intent Name and Entities, there are other advanced parameters such as Output Context, Payloads, and Query Responses that can be used to redirect users to different flows. By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to use Dialogflow with Landbot.

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00:45 Redirect users based on intent name

2:44 Redirect users based on entities

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Key Takeaways

  • Combine Dialogflow and Landbot to maximize potential
  • Keyword jump block to redirect based on Intent.
  • Add conditional block for redirecting based on Entities.