How to build & test a WhatsApp bot

Learn how to build a WhatsApp Chatbot using the Landbot platform with this step-by-step guide. Automate chat support and provide interactive guides for customers.

In this video, we will explore how to build a WhatsApp Chatbot using the Landbot platform. We will imagine a real-life scenario of a company which sells fast-growing trees online named Julito's Trees. Julito's Trees wants to provide automated chat support to its customers and build an interactive step-by-step guide for planting and watering their trees.

We will start building the chatbot from scratch, adding a greeting message, two reply buttons for the planting guide and chat support, and using the Landbot builder to create a fun and interactive way to present the guide. We will also create a Business Hours block that will separate the flow into two paths, depending on the time the user reaches the block.

For the closed path, we will add a message saying that agents are not available at the moment, and for the open path, we will add a Human takeover block that assigns the conversation to one of the available agents. We will also show how to give users the option to use a Jump to block or leave a ticket if the agents are not available.

We will use the Reply buttons block to ask the user if they want to send the exact question to the support team and integrate with a ticketing tool of our liking via native integrations or via Webhooks. For this example, we will use our native Slack integration. At the end, we will learn how to test this bot in our own personal phones.

00:00 Intro

00:22 Scenario

1:32 Building a WhatsApp chatbot

5:38 Testing the chatbot in our phones

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Key Takeaways

  • How to build a chatbot from scratch
  • Powerful WhatsApp chatbot features
  • Test bot on your phone