Change between Chat & Human agent support

Learn how to seamlessly switch between chatbot and human agent support in Landbot

In this video, we explore the process of transitioning from chatbot support to human agent support in Landbot. We begin by discovering how the chatbot can assign conversations to human agents using the human takeover block. Then, we delve into the reverse scenario of switching a conversation from a human agent to a chatbot. It's crucial to strategically place the human takeover block to balance offering human chat support without overwhelming your agents.

We also explore the Business hours block, which redirects users based on the day and time they access the bot. By combining the Human takeover and Business hours blocks, you can create a powerful support system. We also discuss how, after interacting with a human agent, the agent can redirect the user to another chatbot for specific purposes such as gathering feedback or making announcements.

Learn how to seamlessly transition between chatbot support and human agent support in Landbot.

00:00 Intro

00:35 How to assign chats to Agents

01:48 Change from Agent to Chatbot

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Key Takeaways

  • Human takeover block
  • Business hours block
  • Launch chatbots from the chat section