Build and Test your first Web Chatbot

Learn how to build and test your first chatbot in Landbot. Customize a basic lead generation template, drag and drop blocks, preview and publish.

Discover the step-by-step process of creating and testing your initial web chatbot in Landbot. The tutorial commences with accessing the "Create a Web Chatbot" option in the home section. Starting with a template, particularly the Basic Lead Generation template, you'll explore how to personalize it.

Upon clicking, you'll enter the chatbot builder interface where the conversation construction occurs. The available blocks for crafting the conversation are located in the upper-left corner. The chatbot's flow begins with a welcome message, followed by user name and email inquiries, service preference buttons, text-based queries, and more, culminating in an email sending block. Blocks can be deleted or added through a simple drag-and-drop process.

By selecting the "Test This Bot" button, a preview of the chatbot emerges, enabling emulation of the end-user experience. Once satisfied, the "Share & Publish" option leads to various sharing modes, including webpage embedding. The video concludes by providing guidance for embedding the chatbot within different website providers. This tutorial provides a comprehensive understanding of web chatbot development and testing in Landbot.

00:00 Customize a Basic lead generation template

00:33 Chatbot overview

01:00 Test the Chatbot

01:25 Share & Publish

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Key Takeaways

  • Build your first Web chatbot
  • Test it in your phone