How to Create Smart FAQ Chatbot Without Coding (For Web & WhatsApp)

FAQ pages are the most common way for businesses to ease the demands on their online customer support by answering the most frequently asked questions automatically. Their purpose is to be quick, simple and helpful to both parties. While there has always been an emphasis on making FAQ pages easy to search and scan through,

Why Chatbot Lead Generation Strategies shouldn’t Stay under your Radar

Struggling with lead generation? Find out why chatbots are the way to go if you want to boost your lead conversion!

Natural Language Processing Chatbots: The Layman’s Guide

What is NLP? How does it work? How is it used? What are the workings and advantages of a natural language processing chatbot and do you actually need one? We break down this AI sub-domain with focus on its application in chatbot technologies in plain terms, to make the concept comprehensible and accessible to anyone

Conversational Interface: The Ultimate Breakdown

What constitutes conversational interfaces and how can you leverage them in business?

We Used a Chatbot to Organize Last-Minute Secret Santa!

It’s that jolly time of year when Christmas carols explore the limits of your patience and wearing 3-D sweater designs incorporating fairy lights is perfectly acceptable. Your browser does not support the video tag. All of this commotion happens in anticipation of holly & magical event, widely portrayed and merrily recounted in cinema and other

Experience Economy Trend in 2020: Challenges & Secret Weapons

What is experience economy and how it affects online business? Learn about the traps and challenges and discover a secret weapon for creating the best customer experience.

WhatsApp in Education: Top 18 Use Cases to Leverage the API

Can WhatsApp in education make a difference be it in learning or management? Education like every other aspect of our reality isn’t exempt from the communication revolution reshaping our personal and professional lives. Digital communication between groups of students; between teachers and students; between educational institutions and their staff as well as institutions and the

WhatsApp for Internal Communication: 11 Use Cases

In an era when employee experience is becoming increasingly important to a company’s success, the inability to ensure frictionless internal communication can have detrimental effects. Taking into consideration the exceptional success of instant messaging in customer relationship management, we will explore a variety of use cases to leverage WhatsApp for internal communication. Employee Communication: More

Top 15 WhatsApp Travel & Hospitality Use Cases & Examples

The launch of WhatsApp Business API solution, as well as the emergence of smart conversational marketing tools, has brought messaging to millions of companies around the world. One of the industries expected to benefit the most from this trend is travel & hospitality. And so, today, we’ll look into the possible applications of WhatsApp API

Are Private Group Chats The Future of Messaging Marketing?

Marketing as we know it is fading away. Flashy billboards and loud TV commercials are being substituted by quiet, personalized messages that light up the screens of our smartphones. We type away hoping to connect, communicate, be heard and businesses have begun joining that conversation. As if that wasn’t enough, the upheaval of instant messaging

build product recommendation chatbot for ecommerce
How to Build a Product Recommendation Chatbot for eCommerce

Chatbots, being inertly flexible, can be leveraged not just in customer service but also to make personalized product recommendations based on customer preferences, previous interactions or purchase histories. And so, this article will explore the possible advantages of using a product recommendation chatbot for your eCommerce as well as how to build one. Chatbots in

WhatsApp API for eCommerce: 19 Use Cases

Chatbots have been successfully conquering the vast and diverse kingdom of eCommerce for a few years now. More and more, customers grow accustomed to the concept. In fact, in 2018, 60% claim to have used a bot to talk to a business in the past 12 months! However, today, the conversation is shifting from chatbots

5 Rules of Designing a Perfect WhatsApp Bot Dialog Flow: Tutorial 

More and more companies are applying for WhatsApp Business API using the early access beta program. Those approved are eager to start servicing their clients using WhatsApp notifications and chatbots assistants. While we, at Landbot, often talk about the complexities and challenges of creating a natural dialog flow, when it comes to building a WhatsApp

Chatbot Resume: How to Turn Your CV into a Conversation!

In this day and age, it’s no easy deed to land a job, especially the one you actually want. The job market is flooded with (over)qualified applicants and recruiters struggle to review the hundreds of CVs they receive with every new job posting. So, how can one stand out from the crowd? An interactive chatbot

WhatsApp Real Estate Chatbot Use Cases for Better Conversion and Lower Costs

Real estate is one of the most critical components of the global economy valued at $228 trillion at the end of 2016. Today that value is likely to be higher as the global real estate investment market saw an increase from $7.4 trillion in 2016 to $8.9 trillion in 2018. While this industry in not

Can WhatsApp Advertising Alienate Your Customers?

Since the release of WhatsApp Business API in 2018 and the following announcement of WhatsApp adverts for 2020, the marketing world has been buzzing with excitement. Companies have been pining to get an official green light to tap into the power of WhatsApp advertising for years.  However, while some companies are already servicing their clients

How to Create a Chatbot for a Website in under 25 Minutes (For Real)

Making chatbots doesn't have to be complicated. Learn how to create a functional, fully integrated chatbot for your website with Landbot platform!

How Can Chatbots Improve Employee Experience?

In the rush of everyday dealings, it’s easy to forget that everyone in your business ecosystem is a customer: from investors to partners, buyers and their networks to anyone in the value chain from manufacturers to end consumers, including your employees. So, when we talk about the CX trend, we are talking about employee experience

Get Inspired by These 9 Creative Chatbot Website Examples!

Since chatbot adoption doesn’t show any signs of slowing down more and more businesses become intrigued by this rising CX unicorn. To satisfy that curiosity, we compiled a list of chatbot website examples that pretty much nailed it. The list features websites with bots that either created a great bot personality, designed engaging conversation, stand

Closing the Customer Experience Gap: Chatbot’s Guide

Since the term “Experience Economy” was coined by Pine and Gilmore in their 1998 HBR report, the theory has been growing not only in popularity but also in substance. For many brands, customer experience has become the central concern. However, the efforts to deliver what consumers wanted gave birth to a side product – the