How to Create WhatsApp Bot Without Writing a Single Line of Code

So... You are wondering how to create WhatsApp bot. The good news is, you are in the right place! Still, I feel like I should give you a heads up. The guide you will find here is significantly different from

Conditional Logic Bot: 3 Ways to Hyper-Personalize CX

With the growing amount of content competing for consumer attention, many brands turned to hyper-personalization to keep their messages captivating and relevant to audiences. Before the “no-code” revolution, trying to hyper-personalize both the campaigns and content was exclusive to large

How to Create Message Templates for WhatsApp API: All You Need to Know

If you successfully applied for WhatsApp API and activated your phone number(s), this is the article to read! Learning how to create WhatsApp message templates is the next big task on your list. However, before we dive into the process

5 Ways Chatbot Can Power-Up Your Brand Storytelling for Better CX

The economy has evolved from a product- to experience-oriented as consumers started to look beyond the “what” that companies offered at their “how” and “why.” Little by little, brand storytelling took over marketing center stage. But, we’ve come to face

How to Apply for WhatsApp Business API: Everything You Need to Know

Over the past few years, messaging apps marketing has been gaining more and more attention across industries. Apps such as WeChat and Facebook Messenger have been welcoming and enabling companies to use them as communication channels from the start. In

Build a Personalized Recruitment Chatbot without Coding

In the past few years, chatbots have been leveraged in a multitude of cases. Bot adoption in customer support, lead generation, and eCommerce, in particular, has been single-handedly stealing the spotlight. Yet, there is still more value to be found…

Creating a Chatbot: Best Practices & Common Mistakes

Not that long ago bots were a novel but clunky technology most looked at with wariness. Today, they are commonplace as more and more businesses adopt them for lead generation, customer service, and even for accepting orders! However, not all

Get Inspired by These 9 Creative Chatbot Website Examples!

Since chatbot adoption doesn’t show any signs of slowing down more and more businesses become intrigued by this rising CX unicorn. To satisfy that curiosity, we compiled a list of chatbot website examples that pretty much nailed it. The list

Introducing Teammates: Two Heads are Better Than One

Once again, we are here with a little update. Yes! We are that determined to make your bot making the experience the reason why you wake up in the morning 👀. OK,  maybe not that great, but certainly something close

Chatbot Statistics Compilation 2019: The State of Market & Business Opportunities

Somewhere along the way, the hype around conversational bots turned into a stable trend and the trend into a solid, well-received marketing strategy. You have likely come across chatbot statistics that swept you off your feet be it positively or

9 Great Conversational Landing Pages Examples

So, you are curious to see some conversational landing page examples? Well, you came to the right place! Landing pages are one of the key tools of online marketing. They can make or break a deal. You want people driven

The Advantages of Instant Messaging Apps Marketing for Business

Messaging apps have changed the way we communicate with each other. Oh, how MUCH we love the convenient, natural nature of it! So much so that we opened our minds and messaging channels to conversations with businesses and so, the

Reliable WhatsApp Statistics Compilation for Business 2019

Since the release of WhatsApp Business App and later WhatsApp Business API, the messenger app that kept to itself turned into one of the top marketing channels on the rise. Since marketers don’t throw effort and money around based on

🥳 Introducing The New & Improved Landbot Builder 3.0 🥳

After months of hard work, it’s finally here… 🥁🥁🥁 The day when the new Landbot builder becomes available to everyone! Though the new look is certainly something to admire, the changes are far beyond aesthetic. We dug deep into the

Builder 3.0: Introducing Bricks

Perhaps the most potent update of builder 3 is the Bricks functionality. In essence, bricks are groups of blocks designed to simplify and unclutter complex flows. Furthermore, every brick you create can be repurposed in other bots. In other words,

Whats Up with WhatsApp Marketing: API & Chatbots

WhatsApp marketing has been efficiently stealing thunder from social media and other online communication strategies for a few months now. It seems the hype is unlikely to wither any time soon. In fact, WhatsApp for Business is only in the

Builder 3.0: Key UI and UX Updates

Builder 3 features an array of updates. Here are a few highlights to help you wrap your mind around the changes! 1. More Blocks in Less Clicks In Builder 2, creating a new block took quite a few clicks: Your

Landbot Workspaces: Organize Your Dashboard to Manage Multiple Projects!

We asked you, our customers, about your Landbot experience and, more importantly, what could make it better. You flooded us with positive feedback which made us feel warm, fuzzy and motivated 🥰 BUT You also gave us great ideas which

Builder 3.0: Variables & Conditional Logic

Variables and conditions are powerful functions within a bot allowing you to collect data in an organized manner and design appropriate (re)actions based on the quality and relevance of your lead. Both of them were available in the older version

What is Conversational Experience (CUX)?

Conversational experience (CUX) has been catching the attention of marketers for some time now. The immense interest can be partly attributed to the growing pressure of the experience economy which has shown that, to the modern consumer, the experience is