Ultimate WhatsApp Statistics Compilation for Business (2018-2019)

Since the release of WhatsApp Business App and later WhatsApp Business API, the messenger app that kept to itself turned into one of the top marketing channels on the rise. Since marketers don’t throw effort and money around based on

🥳 Introducing The New & Improved Landbot Builder 3.0 🥳

After months of hard work, it’s finally here… 🥁🥁🥁 The day when the new Landbot builder becomes available to everyone! Though the new look is certainly something to admire, the changes are far beyond aesthetic. We dug deep into the

Builder 3.0: Introducing Bricks

Perhaps the most potent update of builder 3 is the Bricks functionality. In essence, bricks are groups of blocks designed to simplify and unclutter complex flows. Furthermore, every brick you create can be repurposed in other bots. In other words,

Whats Up with WhatsApp Marketing: API & Chatbots

WhatsApp marketing has been efficiently stealing thunder from social media and other online communication strategies for a few months now. It seems the hype is unlikely to wither any time soon. In fact, WhatsApp for Business is only in the

Builder 3: Key UI and UX Updates

Builder 3 features an array of updates. Here are a few highlights to help you wrap your mind around the changes! 1. More Blocks in Less Clicks In Builder 2, creating a new block took quite a few clicks: Your

Landbot Workspaces: Organize Your Dashboard to Manage Multiple Projects!

We asked you, our customers, about your Landbot experience and, more importantly, what could make it better. You flooded us with positive feedback which made us feel warm, fuzzy and motivated 🥰 BUT You also gave us great ideas which

Builder 3.0: Variables & Conditional Logic

Variables and conditions are powerful functions within a bot allowing you to collect data in an organized manner and design appropriate (re)actions based on the quality and relevance of your lead. Both of them were available in the older version

What is Conversational Experience (CUX)?

Conversational experience (CUX) has been catching the attention of marketers for some time now. The immense interest can be partly attributed to the growing pressure of the experience economy which has shown that, to the modern consumer, the experience is

Builder 3.0: Send Emails Directly from Landbot App

Being able to send an email notification directly from the app among the most demanded features of our users. Landbot Builder 3 translates this notion to reality. The new feature "Send an Email" offers two types of action: Send email

Builder 3.0: Webhook Integration Update

Webhook is an API integration that allows you to send data from your Landbot to a 3rd-party app or server in real time. Common uses include scoring and verifying email addresses, verifying phone numbers or even processing real-time currency conversions.

How to Create Interactive Conversational Forms without Coding

Are you new to the concept of a conversational form? Newbie or a veteran, if you are interested in how to create one without coding, you came to the right place. There is hardly any business that wouldn’t rely on

Conversational Interface: The Ultimate Breakdown

Conversational interfaces have become the echoing buzzword of the marketing world. Technological advancements of the past decade have revived the “simple” concept of talking to our devices. More and more brands and businesses are swallowed by the hype in a

How to Use WhatsApp Bots to Boost Lead Gen and Sales

Have you thought of WhatsApp lead generation through using the conversational power of chatbots? No? Well, you should. It’s a strategy worthy of attention, trust me. If you are reluctant to trust me, read this article and see for yourself!

7 Successful Chatbot Examples and How to Replicate Them

Why is it that some chatbots are bland and easily forgotten meanwhile others are enjoyable and in demand? You need to know the answer to this question if you want to build an engaging chatbot that falls into the latter

The Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design

Conversation has become the new “king” of online marketing. Customers no longer want to passively consume polished advertising claims. They want to take part, they crave to experience what your brand is about. Moreover, they want to feel an emotional

How to Improve Customer Experience with a “Dumb” Chatbot

Customer expectations are getting ever so high. Staggering 76% simply expects businesses to understand their needs and expectations. In fact, the experience has become so important that 81% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Ideas for Quality Digital Experiences

B2B sales strategies have evolved considerably over the years. The rise of startup-culture and digital evolution reshaped the demographic landscape of B2B and affected the “how, where and why” of purchasing. Experience has taken the center stage in the spectacle

Conversational UI for a More Accurate Lead Scoring System

Not all leads were created equal. That’s why you are in sore need of a lead scoring system. Some people might be just browsing around. Some can actively look for a solution to their problem. And some are on the

Experience Economy Trend & Online Business: Challenges & Secret Weapons

In the 90s, when clouds were nothing more than condensed water in the sky and “What’s up” only had one correct spelling, B. J. Pine II and J. H. Gilmore shared their theory about the rise of the experience economy

How to Qualify Leads in Experience Economy: The Art of Qualifying Customers

It doesn’t need much emphasizing that reaching customer has never been simpler. However, you might have noticed that casting a wide virtual net and getting high traffic doesn’t always equal high and stable conversion. Today, to get your hands on