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Allianz Uncovers How They're Getting 90% Positive Reviews From Their Customers with Landbot.

"Allianz" means being there for people, alongside them. It's about knowing what they need and being there to help, both before and after a problem has occurred. It's about caring for their customers as if they were part of their own family.

17% chatbot lead conversion
chatbot lead conversion conversational design
ppc chatbot conversion rate
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Allianz is the #1 insurance brand in the world


Allianz Benelux is located in 
Rotterdam 🇳🇱, Brussels 🇧🇪 & Luxemburg 🇱🇺


2,500 in the Benelux &
150,000+ worldwide


Financial Industry

17% chatbot lead conversion
chatbot lead conversion conversational design
ppc chatbot conversion rate

The insurance industry was hit hard by the pandemic and has suffered significant losses* due to Covid-19 related effects. To counter this, insurers are set to channel considerable efforts into funding digital transformation. Leading this is Allianz, the number one insurance company in the world and one of the most valuable global brands, with its strong focus on customer experience and digital innovation.

landbot case study challenge

Simplifying the claim process for the insurance products using conversational experiences.

A complex multi-product market

Insurance firms have become increasingly complex over the years, thanks to acquisitions and product proliferation. There are various versions of the same product, numerous application platforms in use, and market demand for custom products based on geography, agency profile, or niche creation.

Allianz offers a wide range of products for private and commercial customers, covering property, accident, life, health, and many other areas. In the last two years, the team at Allianz Benelux collected more than 92,000 unique words people look for when they search on their website.

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Our product portfolio is so complicated. We have a lot of different types of insurance, and each product has a lot of variations. Every variation has its claim form and/or support number. It was barely possible for a customer to call the right support number or choose the correct form to file their claim.

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Stefan van Ballegooie
Conversion Specialist, Allianz Benelux

Conversational UX -  the need of the hour

It's no secret that the insurance industry is lagging behind other sectors in the realm of User Experience (UX ). Forms are one of the most tedious aspects of online interactions; they require a lot of information, and it's hard to present questions in a user-friendly way.

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We wanted to develop a decision aid tool that would always be available. A tool that would make the customer happy and which would continuously be improved. That's why we set up three goals: help is available 24/7, >85% of the feedback is positive and negative feedback gets converted into an improvement within 24hrs. We also wanted that the initiative would meet these criteria: simple, digital, and scalable.

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To deliver the best user experience to their customers, insurance companies need to understand how their users are actually using the existing platforms. This presents technical challenges for some, especially when it comes to tracking from a main "multi-product catalog" website all the way through to the correct support numbers and forms.

Claim the claim

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A damage brings enough stress with itself, and customers don't need the additional stress of figuring out the right form and support number. We wanted to create a structured and straightforward solution for them. That's why we visually mapped  all our products, forms, support numbers, and our customers' behavior.
Stefan van Ballegooie - case study landbot allianz
Stefan van Ballegooie
Conversion Specialist, Allianz Benelux

Customers usually make a claim in hours of distress, and it’s also then that they reap the benefits of their insurance policies and experience the actual value of the premium paid. Hence, Allianz wanted to reduce the friction & make the claim application process quick, seamless, and as easy as possible for its customers.

landbot case study solution

Building localized bots to aggregate customer support information & create an automated feedback loop.

Two teams and a simple bot

The Allianz Benelux Business Transformation Unit ( BTU ) and Customer Care Center ( CCC ) teams collaborated and created a chatbot to make this initiative possible. They worked outside of their regular projects for 2020 to develop the bot, testing and implementing it within just three weeks.

Realtime sync with customers & data

After implementation, the chatbot was monitored continuously using the built-in data analysis capabilities of Landbot. Continual improvements were made to the bot using the drop-off analysis feature and feedback from the customers. The feedback was then relayed in real-time to the team’s Slack channel using Landbot's built-in native app integrations. Next, it triggered ticket creation in Trello, where this feedback was converted into a point of improvement.

Making it powerful - Taming complexity & adding structure

In the past couple of years, the Allianz team gathered more than 92,000 unique terms people use in our search engine on the website. We analyzed them and used them as input for our chatbot.

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All keywords around insurance were categorized; the categorized keywords were then linked to an insurance product and a web destination, the chatbot was developed and then tested by different people in their organization and experts from the market.

48 hours party people

A challenge lay ahead for Stefan. They had to develop a chatbot that could be scaled to different regions, as the demands of the Benelux union required. Hence, he took the help of another colleague from the Belgium department to work synchronously on the no-code Landbot bot builder. They scaled the bot across the Benelux union serving Dutch and German speaking customers in an intensive 48-hour hackathon ( snacks included ) and tested it with various departments from the Belgium office.

landbot case study results

Achieving 90% positive rating from over 18,000 customers with a simple, digital, and scalable solution.

Within a year more than 18,000 customers used the chatbot with 90% positive feedback ratings. Also, since it was one of their main goals, the team converted 100 points of feedback into improvements within 24 hours after the first notification.

Last but not least, Stefan and the team discovered that people searched for insurances they didn't even know existed in their portfolio.

The dutch language version of the chatbot for Allianz Belgium went live in 2020 and is currently getting a 93% positive feedback rating from customers.

While having this conversation, Stefan and the team were already working on the french language version of the chatbot.

Now, we can help our customers find the correct form or support number to file their claim, and every customer comes to the right destination within a minute. With Landbot, we created simplicity out of complexity.

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landbot quotes customerlandbot quotes customerlandbot quotes customer
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Securing your future and walking the talk

Allianz plans to implement Landbot on more pages in the Benelux region. Its customers will never again be confronted with a page full of forms and phone numbers.

With chatbots transforming a complex form filling & unorganized system into an operationally efficient process along with a product feedback loop, Allianz Benelux is now ready to serve millions of customers in the Benelux region in the upcoming years.

"We secure your future!" is their mission motto, and they're proving, once again, they know how to walk the talk.


* COVID-19 to cost global insurance industry $203B - Link

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Pedro Marques
Brand and Communications at Landbot
Pedro is a firm believer that conversations have the power to change lives. And he’s always busy enjoying life and making sure others do the same.