How Automation Is Helping Tech Companies Grow Their Revenue

Illustrator: Adan Augusto
automation for business growth

Automation has played a pivotal role in the success of businesses across all sectors, especially tech companies. It provides new avenues to unlock excellent opportunities for streamlining business operations and boosting revenue.

Automation is no longer just a tool to eliminate repetitive tasks. It holds immense potential to simplify major business functions, such as sales, marketing, recruitment, customer engagement, and more, to ensure a seamless and orderly work flow. 

In this article, we will learn about the top five areas where automation can improve your overall business operations and increase revenue.

5 Areas Automation Is Helping Streamline Process Efficiency and Boost Revenue

1. Lead Generation

Automating the lead generation process enables you to capture leads and manage them seamlessly so that the sales and marketing teams can focus on other important tasks. 

Here are a few ways automation can boost your lead generation efforts.

  • Automated lead capture helps your team to save lead information without having to manually enter their details in the CRM. Thus, helping you dedicate more time to sales prospecting.
  • It captures accurate lead information, which is helpful for sales forecasting, marketing, and more.
  • It identifies highly-qualified leads from your leads database and presents them to the sales team in just a few clicks. By spending more time on qualified prospects, the sales team can close deals faster and generate more revenue.
  • Automation provides excellent behavioral insights that can be used to craft personalized sales campaigns that address leads’ requirements and convert them into customers. 

There's a plethora of lead form builder tools that can help automate the lead-capturing process. 

However, leveraging chatbot-driven lead generation tools like Landbot can give you an edge by strengthening your lead generation strategy.

With Landbot, you can:

  • Enhance the user experience by capturing their data and opt-ins on your website and WhatsApp.
  • Identify high-intent leads and route them to an appropriate team member.
  • Leverage pre-built blocks and custom conditions to score leads automatically and transition chats to team members (human interaction).
  • Connect with tools like Hubspot, Calendly, Salesforce, and more for seamless conversations.

Wiredmark, a Birmingham-based marketing, and webOps digital agency, leveraged Landbot for lead generation. Within a few weeks of implementation, their leads grew by 200%. This reflects the potential of Landbot as a lead-generation tool.

So, replace your traditional lead generation form with Landbot, a high-converting conversational assistant that collects customer data while personalizing customer experience (CX) on the go.

2. Sales

Automation skyrockets your sales initiatives by allowing you to focus on revenue-generating activities, such as boosting customer engagement, speeding up the sales process, and more. It empowers your team to align their tasks with the sales goals and close deals faster by automating manual and repetitive sales activities.

These automation tips will help you boost your sales and drive repeat business:

  • Delegate all administrative sales activities to an automated system and have them completed on time without any manual intervention.
  • Track every activity of the customer by using automation to capture its detail in your CRM. For instance, automation could record if the customer opened a particular email, visited your software pricing page, or scheduled a product demo.
  • Improve the sales velocity by configuring automation to nudge the cold customers and leads through personalized emails. This opens the lines of communication and boosts your overall sales process.
  • Increase the number of renewals with the help of automation and streamline your subscription management process. Send emails to the customers about their subscription renewals automatically. You can also utilize automation to send your team reminders about upcoming renewal dates.

Tools such as Salesmate CRM are useful for tracking and managing leads and customer information. They help you analyze sales activity in real time, offering deep insights into your customers and team performance.

Source: Salesmate

Here's what Chris Chira from Zenith Aviation, Inc, says about Salesmate: "Our sales reps have frequently reported that Salesmate has greatly helped them save a lot of time!"

3. Marketing

Introducing automation in marketing campaigns can boost efficiency by delivering the right message to the customers at the right time.

For instance, you can count on chatbot marketing tools to achieve marketing goals. This marketing tactic leverages conversational automation and can help you with:

  • Lead generation and qualification;
  • Real-time responsiveness and reactions;
  • Interactive customer engagement;
  • Instant data collection and processing;
  • Customer support (scheduling meetings, reviews, feedback, surveys, and more.)

Imagine a conversational landing page campaign that captures and engages a prospect in conversation from the first touch-point. In this case, a chatbot automation tool like Landbot can help put forth relevant questions to determine customer interest, profile, or level of qualification. 

The chatbot conversations can thus help you gain in-depth prospect insights and filter out qualified leads. You can proceed with qualified leads asking for a demo or transferring them to human agents for further guidance.

What's more? Landbot allows you to share relevant content with prospects via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or on the web. This can help boost your content marketing. 

In fact, this strategy helped LikeMind Media, a digital marketing agency, to boost their conversions by 57%.

4. Customer Support

Automation accelerates customer support operations across all important stages of the customer's journey, such as customer onboarding, post-sales support, contract approvals, and more. Automated support systems are available to offer support to customers 24/7, 365 days a year. It assists your team by handling simple support tickets and directing the complex ones to the respective team. 

Here are a few ways to boost your customer service effort with automation.

  • Leverage automation to track customer activity and learn more about what the customer wants. Thus, prepare your team for sales conversations.
  • Configure a chatbot and install it on your website, software product, social media pages, and more to offer the best support to the customers. Delight your customers and leads with meaningful conversations and keep them happy.

Use a no-code chatbot platform like Landbot to build a sophisticated chatbot to elevate conversational experiences for your customers and enhance their loyalty towards your company.

CASFID Group, a global provider of technology services for events, leveraged Landbot to enhance its customer support. Within no time, the state-of-the-art tool helped them reduce customer service requests by 70% and boosted satisfaction to 4.5 out of 5.

  • Convert complex customer queries into support tickets using automation and assign them to the support representatives. This will help you offer the right solutions to those customers at the right time.

5. Hiring

Recruiting automation helps you to automate your hiring tasks and workflows to accelerate the recruitment process and boost team productivity. It frees up your team's time to focus on other important aspects of recruitment, such as candidate experience, employer branding, and more.

Here are a few tips to boost your recruiting efforts using automation.

  • Leverage automation to publish your active job openings on multiple job boards to attract more candidates and build a strong talent pipeline.
  • Utilize automation and AI to review candidate applications and shortlist the ones that suit your job requirements the best. Save your team from the hassles of going through hundreds of resumes at once.
  • Send application acknowledgment, application status, and other recruitment emails to the candidates automatically without any manual intervention.
  • Elevate candidate experiences by deploying a recruiting chatbot to present candidates with all information they need regarding your company's hiring process.

What's more? After the pre-screening round, you can design the chatbot to schedule interviews with designated HR leaders or managers. 

Integrate scheduling automation tools like Calendly with Landbot to achieve the goal. 

The setup is easy-to-implement. 

Link the integration with the Calendly account of the HR leader or authority of the interviews and choose the event in question. Next, create the personalized message and button names to get started.

How Is Automation Driving Tech Business on the Path to Success?

Here are various ways in which automation is helping tech companies boost their revenue.

  • Offers valuable insights
    Automation provides valuable business insights to identify new opportunities and potential risks that may impact the overall business revenue. It accelerates business growth by converting information into actionable data for quicker decision-making.

  • Improves employee productivity
    Automation frees up your employees' time by carrying out complex tasks in just a few minutes. This leads to better utilization of their time and skills, which in turn leads to enhanced productivity. Thus, employees deliver quality work on time that directly impacts your business revenue.

  • Fosters better team collaboration
    Automation helps tech businesses overcome various collaboration challenges, such as miscommunication, lack of transparency in projects, and more. It takes over repetitive tasks and empowers teams to spend more time on strategic planning and creative brainstorming. This helps in making better decisions pertaining to the project.

  • Eliminates chances of errors
    Automation eliminates the chances of manual errors, such as mathematical errors, data entry mistakes, and more, and ensures accuracy in every aspect of your business. By preventing careless human mistakes, automation delivers concise results in business operations, documentation, customer data, and other related functions.

  • Reduces time to market
    Automation reduces the amount of time taken to plan, build, and market software solutions. By automating various stages of the software development lifecycle, such as testing, deployment, and more, you can shorten the overall software development time, thereby making the product available to customers faster than usual.

Wrapping Up

In today's competitive tech industry, automation helps companies to streamline their processes to increase sales and boost revenue. The first step is to identify the areas in your company that can be automated and the benefits it can bring to your company. 

We are sure this post has helped you understand how automation can boost the efficiency of various business functions and impact your company's revenue.