Clivo bot and the NOM-35 in Mexico

"Our Clivobot assists and helpsthe user right from the very beginning of the onboarding until the end of the process. Users are never alone and this allows us to get a 80% completion rate, which is awesome!

Héctor Gómez Orozco - CEO & Co-Founder

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Clivo are experts in applying the NOM-035 in Mexico using Landbot's technology.
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of workers in Mexico  suffer from work-related stress
hours per year, is the average time a person works in Mexico
of workers in Mexico suffer "burnout"

Clivo is the company that has developed Clivobot, a tool for companies to identify and prevent risk factors such as stress, anxiety or other severe disorders, helping to improve the working environment of organizations.


Headquarters: Guadalajara, Mexico 🇲🇽

Death by overwork, a phenomenon known as "karoshi", has become a major social issue in Japan. On the other hand "karojisatsu" is defined as people who commit suicide due to mental stressed caused by work.

Mexicans work longer hours than Japanese, according to OCDE.


None of us is a stranger to work stress and Héctor Gómez, co-founder & CEO of Clivo knows that better than anyone:

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Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and being a startup founder is no easy task. The grind of the startup world, of founder pressure and endless stress left me battle worn.
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Back in In 2016, Dustin Moskovitz, co-founder of Facebook and Asana, gave a talk about burn-out and work-life balance that changed the course of Héctor’s life. 

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When Dustin was sharing how he found work-life balance to the audience atStartup Grindtalking about the danger in romanticising the grind, the perils of burn-out and more, I was fully in it and thought ‘wow’, this guy is describing me!
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With that talk serving as a wake up call, Héctor found a new purpose and at the beginning of 2018 he started Clivo for founders and entrepreneurs.

While still experimenting, the outcomes were immediately meaningful “and it was just the perfect timing and the perfect match for us! On October, 23, 2018, Mexico’s Labor Ministry published regulations requiring all employers in Mexico to identify, analyze and prevent work-related psychological risks”.

The Norm

A person in Mexico works an average of 2257 hours per year, which is above the international average of 1759 hours. This was the determining factor for the creation of an official regulation.

Based on this, Mexico passed the NOM.035 that requires companies to invest in employees’ mental health and where companies must start measuring and reporting improvements.

Without any coding skills, Héctor and his partner only knew one thing:

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We need a conversational interface. And a great friend of ours told me “you need a chatbot”.

I had no idea what it was and started to investigate. I just knew I needed something that could be able to maintain a conversation, not leading it.
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Privacy, Confidentiality and Landbot

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We’ve started with Chatfuel, but companies didn’t want to talk about these topics on Facebook, they wanted to have these conversations in private, without fearing Facebook would have access to their data
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One of the biggest challenges here is privacy and confidentiality. Since the entirety of user activity is related to personal matters, and thus is sensitive information, Héctor knew it was necessary to address this issue if he wanted to succeed.

He would need a web based solution for a no coder, affordable and easy to use, that could take care of the privacy of these companies. And that’s when he found Landbot.

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It was really easy to use for a no coder and this was exactly what we needed! Now, we felt we could take it to a whole different level with just a little bit of more technical knowledge.

And that’s when we hired Norman, to help us integrate Landbot with our database and be able to create this Clivobot, specifically for the new NOM.035.
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Hi, I'm Clivobot 👋

In the early 1940s, Abraham Maslow created his theory of needs, which identified the basic needs that human beings have, in order of their importance: physiological needs, safety needs, and the needs for belonging, self-esteem and "self-actualization".

Later, David McClelland built on this work in his 1961 book, "The Achieving Society", where he says that, regardless of our gender, culture, or age, we all have three motivating drivers, and one of these will be our main one. This dominant motivator is largely dependent on our culture and life experiences. 

Based on these learnings, Clivo decided to help companies to make sure they can comply with NOM.35.

They’ve created a personal assistant that could help employees and employers assess perceived stress levels, followed by tailored advice with evidence-based recommendations are then presented to the user, based on the results of the self-assessment.

You’re Not Alone Anymore

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Our Clivobot assists and helps the user right from the very beginning of the onboarding until the end of the process. Users are never alone and this allows us to get a 80% completion rate, which is awesome! says Hector "on our side, this is just the beginning.

We’re always iterating it and one of the most amazing things for us and for our users is that they can talk to me whenever they want. They just need to say they want to talk to a human, and our virtual assistant redirects them to me in a flash and I can be there for them immediately.

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The continuous use of Clivobot helps Héctor and his team to keep on increasing its efficiency. The bot is already able to perform complex analyses of all the conversations, measuring the effectiveness of each message, the expectations and boosting meaningful interactions.

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For me, the most essential part is to be able to deliver a fast solution for my clients and create amazing conversational experience.
Knowing that I, without any coding skills can create a chatbot in less
than 10mins for my client, is gold. And this is the most significant thing Landbot allows me to achieve!
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