How Conversational Design Achieves Over 40% Chatbot Lead Conversion Rates, Using Landbot

Trust is vital to building relationships, and meaningful conversations are an opportunity to build trust. Conversations may be the most powerful marketing tool in today's world. Conversational marketing is the new way to market.

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Conversational Design, our 1st Certified Agency in Italy that helps companies grow with conversational marketing.


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Mattia Gnemmi, co-founder of Conversational Design, knows it better than anyone: Many still don’t understand how to increase conversions with conversational marketing.

Creating High-Converting Conversations with a Small Team - Without Coding Skills

In previous years Mattia had focused on analytics and marketing automation, but his “very first client with conversational needs arrived in 2018”.

He tested several bot platforms and realized that most of them had limited user-bot interactions. Then, he was referred to Landbot by a friend. He loved it, discarded everything else, and completely switched to conversational marketing as a powerful alternative to web-based forms.

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We wanted to provide our customers with a better conversion tool, something more than just a name and an email of a lead. After trying Landbot, I totally switched to conversational marketing.

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Mattia Gnemmi
Co-founder of Conversational Design

His customers had several pain points. These included a lack of useful analytics, poor web engagement, weak competitive advantage or high acquisition costs.

Mattia knew they were in need of a digital transformation and founded Conversational Design. They bet on chatbots to deliver value and provide their customers with a fresh way to convert more.

That seems like a decent strategy, for sure - but they needed to demonstrate how bots could engage & turn visitors into leads (for real).

With a small team and limited developer resources like most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that meant the crew at Conversational Design had to create lots of bots on their own. Therefore they needed a fast and easy way to build chatbots.

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Using a No-Code Chatbot Builder for Agile Project Delivery and Performance

The party got started once they figured even the most complex of conversational solutions could be done without relying on highly-skilled, code-savvy developers.

Landbot’s intuitive features allowed each team member to apply their own expertise, whether it is designing conversations, customizing graphics or developing.

With a single chatbot conversation, bots gather a complete set of information whilst implementing an efficient lead-scoring and segmenting visitors based on the provided answers. This way Mattia provides his clients key insights about their visitors whilst directing them into the right nurture track with “little human effort”.

All without adding friction to the process.

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We can’t build what we build without Landbot. I tried everything that was available on the market. Its UX & UI are superb and that’s why we now use it for every single project.

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Ever since making use of the powerful no-code builder, new benefits appeared - Mattia can now build projects for different use cases: Lead Generation, Customer Support, User Surveys, Reviews Management… For some of his customers, he also managed to double up conversion rates within two months after switching them to Landbot.

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My origins are in ecommerce where lead generation can be complex. Thanks to Landbot we achieved improvements of up to 400% in 3 months, with the same advertising expense.
Marco BorsaniCo-founder | Conversational Design
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Landbot allow us to go beyond the simple concept of chatbot or livechat and to provide to our customer and even to ourselves a complete and immersive conversational experience.
Lara PetragliaMarketing Manager | Conversational Design
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Reduced Cost Per Lead by 200% with Chatbot Lead Conversion Rates of over 40%

By building their own bots, Conversational Design has collected over 20,000 leads whilst effectively increasing customers' conversion rates. What they've achieved is quite remarkable, compared to the average landing page conversion rate of 2.35%.

Mattia and the team have also been able to reduce their own CPL by 200% and last year only, they made close to 1.5 million € in revenue for their customers. But probably the most relevant highlight is being able to produce chatbot lead conversion rates of over 40%.

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Previously, producing a new project for a customer would take us up to 4 months to complete, now it takes us 3 weeks. We’re now able to serve more customers in less time and with better results, in a beautiful way.

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Bot-Powered eCommerce Campaign for an aluminum planter manufacturer.


4742 (100%)

👋 Chats

2042 (43%)

📩 Leads

Close to 5,000 chats with 40%+ conversion to lead and a CPL of 1.71€.
Own Conversational Design Bot-Powered Facebook Campaign.
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Over 64% lead conversion with 345 completed chats out of 536, with a CPL of 2.44$.
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Marketing Brands Grow with Landbot

If there’s something we can take away from Mattia is that having the freedom and advantage to perform agile marketing projects is key to grow. By removing developer dependencies and enabling marketing teams to build complex no-code chatbots, they can now execute marketing activities faster, with better results.

It's not about adding a bunch of different components to your website and expecting for them to convert visitors into leads right away. Conversational marketing isn't hard to implement.

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We created Conversational Design around Landbot and now I’m free to build exactly what I imagine for each customer.

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The reason chatbots work above everything else is that they're aimed at increasing your conversion rate by providing web and mobile visitors an engaging experience that removes friction, and brings more interaction.

Wondering how conversations will help your business grow? If so, let us help you convert more leads today.

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Daniel Ferràndiz
Marketing Assistant at Landbot
"I keep on getting amazed with our product and features. It's so rewarding to see how our clients find value and are able to develop powerful marketing strategies."

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