How RoadSave Saves $1000 And Onboards 200 New Customers Per Day By Using Landbot

More than 1.35 million people are killed in car accidents worldwide each year, 14,000 of those in South Africa. 70% of the 11 million registered vehicles in South Africa are uninsured, which means that insurance is not a privilege, but a requirement to keep you on the road.

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Roadsave is a multi-award-winning app that keeps you safe and secure on the road.


Johannesburg, South Africa




ICT, Automotive

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Considered one of the Top 3 Accenture's Most Innovative Companies in South Africa, Roadsave's mission is to provide South Africans with the best, most affordable resources and services in all things road-related.

Challenge To Success

It all started with CrashDetech, a mobile application that could not only detect in real-time if a person was involved in a car crash and alert medical emergency response units with the exact location, but also provided an option to set up a medical history profile that would assist the ER team in providing the correct treatment.

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We already had an award-winning app when we decided to evolve from CrashDetech ( our previous brand ) into RoadSave. We were exploring new features and thinking about how we could bring all our services together in a way that, at the same time, could enrich our customer's onboarding journey and create more affinity with the brand.

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Jaco Gerrits
CEO of RoadSave

Building top-notch software products is no longer enough as people want their apps to integrate with their workflows.

And though these products may have the functionality founders require when they first start their business, they will most likely need additional applications to provide the features they will require later on as their company grows.

Integrations add value to products, but they are only successful when saving time, increasing efficiency, and providing a frictionless experience.

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I have a developer background, and I had a particular requirement in mind: to build rich chat experiences, but that had a dependency on the integration capabilities of the bot. When I started engaging with Landbot, you ticked all of the boxes, which no other tool I tried could do. Apart from the conversational side and ease of use, Landbot excels in the integration capabilities.

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Building Trust Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Brands looking to reinvigorate their image and positioning often recur to the use of characters because it allows them to create more trust to build stronger relationships with their customers, translating into a lower cost on conversion.

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My assumption was we could probably drive greater affinity with a chat character. I thought we’d got all these products and services that intend to do two things, keeping you safe and helping you save, but how can we present them using a character that you get to know, that you get to trust, which will drive key business metrics? That's really where the idea started, shares Jaco.

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Research from the giant Ipsos shows us that ads featuring brand characters are 6x as likely to be higher performing. Consumers are more likely to remember the ad and to remember the brand.

Source: Ipsos
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We incorporated Landbot on most of our lead gen campaigns, and one example is car insurance quotes. We'll typically run a paid campaign that launches straight into the bot. Then Jono ( our character ) will navigate you through the process, ask you more about your car and, in real-time, determine quotes for that specific vehicle and the profile that you have.

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The process of onboarding customers is vital to business success. 

Companies must tailor a successful customer onboarding to the customer's specific goals. If it does not serve their particular needs, then products are not valuable.

When people feel empowered and confident whenever they choose to engage with brands, they are more likely to stick around or come back for more, and Jaco knows that pretty well,

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We wanted to ensure customers would build a relationship with Jono, so we've decided to incorporate the chat feature straight to our mobile app. Every main service in our app launches the chat with the character. Then if you want to pay your fines, renew your vehicle license, compare insurance quotes, sell or buy a vehicle, a chat facilitates all these processes, and you forever engage with Jono.
Jaco Gerrits
CEO of RoadSave
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Jono, RoadSave’s friendly assistant
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The Time To Get Personal

As stated in a study by Selligent Marketing Cloud, 74% of customers expect businesses to be treated as individuals, not members of some segments. Customers are increasingly expecting personalization at every point of their journey.

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We have a landing page around a free proposition. Once the customer has completed it, he immediately gets into the chat environment. Then we enrich the profile, so we get additional information about medical aid and medical details. That information is super valuable, and we've been onboarding around 200 new customers and saving every day, thanks to Landbot!

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We all prefer doing business with brands we can relate to. Brands that understand who we are and what we’re going through. When customers get hyper-personalized experiences, companies immediately see the benefits. And Road Save is a clear example of this.

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The way we retain the attention of the customer as part of that onboarding sequence using Landbot's chat feature and building that affinity with the customer off the bat is incredible. We see success in our follow-up email sequences, and all of the metrics have only improved, our open rates, our CTR. At the same time, saving $1000 each day. Everything is just much better.

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What if…?

Customer onboarding is one of the most crucial steps as it establishes the tone for customers’ relationships with brands. Companies need to ask questions to learn more about customer’s workflows, expectations and deliver value right from the start. But even here, it’s not only what you ask but also how you ask that will make the difference.

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We ask a lot of questions as part of our onboarding sequence; if we did something similar with a form online, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve these numbers. And the data that we collect during that exercise is worth a lot.

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Chatbots are changing the world, one chat at a time, and we're continuously developing features to help you save money, expand opportunities, and empower dreamers.

Don't stop at "what if...?" and check it for yourself!

Don't stop at "what if...?" and check it for yourself!

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Pedro Marques
Brand and Communications at Landbot
Pedro is a firm believer that conversations have the power to change lives. And he’s always busy enjoying life and making sure others do the same.
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