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How Arora Project tripled their leads from Google Ads and slashed CPL by 30% with Landbot

In the tech world, many things have become the "next big thing." However, one particular thing has become the "next big thing," and that is crowdfunding.

40% chatbot lead conversion
chatbot lead conversion conversational design
40% chatbot lead conversion
chatbot lead conversion conversational design
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Arora Project, is a Miami-based growth marketing agency focused on scaling high-growth ventures


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Welcome to a new crowdfunding era. Crowdfunding 2.0 aka Equity Crowdfunding.

The recent years have seen a revolution in this sector, as it has helped create a world where companies can get funding directly from people instead of VCs and banks.

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Going Big

Equity Crowdfunding means that anyone interested in investing in a business can buy a stake through crowdfunding. This method takes advantage of the unique features of a crowdfunding, such as offering an ROI ( return on investment ), trust, and ownership to investors.

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As a marketing agency, our primary focus is to help businesses raise equity. However, there's so much involved in this, and it can be very demanding. A successful crowdfunding campaign requires meticulous planning, clever allocation of resources, and consistent execution.

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Jose Renteria
Director of Advertising, at Arora Project

As a serial entrepreneur with a net worth of $4 billion, Mark Cuban is a man who knows a thing or two about business. He's been a venture capitalist, a keynote speaker, and the Dallas Mavericks owner, among other ventures. In addition, Cuban has been an active angel investor for 20 years and is a well-known supporter of equity crowdfunding.

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We work with really big companies that have different "shark tanks" in them, like Kevin Harrington and Mark Cuban. One of these is a lead gen company where we were running such high spending and working extremely hard to find even a small conversion rate. So we're testing headlines, different types of landing pages, just to increase the conversion rate by as much as we could because whatever we would increase at those large spends would make a drastic difference.

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Quantity Vs. Quality

As a marketer, you always want more traffic for your website. You want more people to sign up for your newsletter. You want more people to buy your products. But what if you've been working on getting more leads, and your conversion rates haven't improved?

The problem isn't that you're not getting enough leads; it's that you're not converting enough leads into customers. That's where the quality vs. quantity argument comes into play.

It's not about the number of leads you have but the quality of leads you have.

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When we found Landbot, we decided to A/B test it, and we immediately saw this was way more successful, and we ended up turning off almost all our lead gen campaigns that were going to a landing page
Jose Avatar
Jose Renteria
Director of Advertising at Arora Project
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The marketers' burden: a never-ending quest for more high-quality leads.

But what if we could turn the tables? What if we could put the onus on potential customers and let them come to us?

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Automate to Innovate

Consumers are showing a willingness and propensity to spend but not purchase. They want experiences more than products.

According to a study conducted by San Francisco State University's Psychology Department, people enjoy greater well-being from life experiences and consider them better use of money.

The ability to automate everything and continuously A/B test to have very clean and detailed insights on the drop-off points it's been very helpful to rework our copy and improve our conversions as well

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Nirmal Avatar
Nirmal Khimani
Director of Strategy for Lead Generation, at Arora Project

Automation is all the rage these days, mainly because they allow marketing and sales teams to focus on the strategy and creative aspects rather than the tedious, repetitive tasks that take up so much time.

Besides this, it's the best method to improve the customer journey, measure their behavior, and increase conversion rates.

Leads Generated
Number of leads acquired using a standard landing page VS using Landbot for lead generation.


😑 Landing Page


🏆 Landbot

552 leads acquired with a landing page VS 3,588 leads using Landbot.
Cost-Per-Lead (CPL)
Cost per lead results when using a landing page VS using Landbot.

Landing page 😒

CPL of over 650$

Landbot 🚀

CPL below 400$

CPL of over 650$ when using a landing page VS less than 400$ with Landbot.
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Be Here Now

Still, as Mark Cuban mentioned in 2017's SXSW Conference, we are "going through a process where software will automate software, and automation will automate automation."

Landbot allowed us to automate our processes much better, which has been helping us keep our prospects engaged and, at the same time, drastically increased our lead quality.

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landbot quotes customerlandbot quotes customerlandbot quotes customer
Jose Renteria
Director of Advertising, at Arora Project

Today, marketing automation has become an integral part of any marketing strategy, and not just for marketing departments.

Marketing automation is the present and future of businesses. 

Be here now. Try Landbot today.

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Pedro Marques
Brand and Communications at Landbot
Pedro is a firm believer that conversations have the power to change lives. And he’s always busy enjoying life and making sure others do the same.