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How LikeMind Media boosted their conversions by 57% with Landbot

Do you feel like you are being crowded out by all the companies and people who offer the same things you do? You are not alone. There is a solution to all the noise and chaos in today’s market: you.


LikeMind Media, is a digital marketing agency with a focus on generating leads through content creation.


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Content Marketing Agency

The days when a business could produce a great product or service and then wait for the customers to come are long gone.

Today's market is highly competitive, and it's challenging to differentiate your product or service. But there is one thing that can be the key to your business success: content marketing.

But what can we do to make our content stand out from the crowd? Keep reading.

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Content Marketing Done Right

By now, you've probably realized that generating leads is tough. You're fighting against the competition, you've got many barriers to entry, and the market is so saturated that finding prospects is a daunting task.

So, what's the best way to get leads?

Content Marketing.

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I was looking for some way of differentiating my website and my content. Just putting a little popup button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen doesn't make it different because many websites have that. Whereas creating a full website with the whole thing is different.

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Paul Ince aka BizPaul
CEO at LikeMind Media

Content marketing aims to create content that engages with your target audience and does so in an authentic way to your brand while also providing value.

But is it enough?

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The key was understanding how I could replicate on the website having a conversation with somebody, and how would it possibly work towards that conversation that could drive business, which means drive leads? When you create a popup that says Sign Up for this newsletter or this product, it's too early, and you have no reason to do it. Whereas if you've added some value already through good content, people will be more prepared to exchange that information. So the question was, how do I add value?

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Make it Memorable

Paul's life is full of content. From teaching to writing, he does it all. He is the founder of LikeMind Media and MarketEdLive conferences, a presenter, MC, speaker, and podcast host.

Have you ever wondered how people like Paul manage to get so much done? Well, it's because they're experts at creating content.

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I could add value by getting people to download my content, and then they'd decide if it was worth it. But I wanted to flip that on their heads and deliver the value first through the bot. As for LikeMind Media, we were looking at ways in which we could make the website visitor experience more productive, steering them to the right part of the site based on their needs.

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Have you ever wondered how successful bloggers got to where they are?

They all have one thing in common: they are different.

I know that may sound like a weird thing to say, but it's true. They are all different from each other.

But what do you think can really make you stand out from your competitors?

It's not just about the quality and uniqueness of your content. It's also about how you deliver it to your audience.

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I can show you my knowledge and give you some experience; you have a question, and I have a video right here to provide you with the answer. Now let's get that email address. This is what I do with Landbot. I preload the value to the user, and they're more likely to exchange their information with me.
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Paul Ince aka BizPaul
CEO at LikeMind Media
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The Perception Of Value

Who has time to waste on leads that don't have the budget, the authority to buy, or even the real need?

We've all been there: We're so excited about a potential lead, we send them a proposal, and they don't even respond.

I think people are more likely to get around things if there's no perception of value. I'd instead prefer someone to close the bot or leave the website if they don't think I'm suitable for them.

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It's frustrating. But when we qualify our leads, we can reduce our leads to only those who are the most qualified and ready to buy.

Engaging with someone who hasn't got the budget or isn't in the right place, or is just looking for little information without the intention of really using our services it's a waste of everyone's time. So, I'd instead qualify that early, and if that means we get fewer details, I know the ones we get are further down our buying journey or are high quality, then I'd prefer that.

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If you want to start standing out from the crowd and attract more qualified leads, you need to start thinking outside the box. That means not just thinking of new and innovative ways to provide your goods or services, but also in the way you communicate with people.

Sometimes people would want to use the Learning Lounge, our content knowledge base. Other times they would be looking to see if we can help them with certain services. Landbot allows us to direct the visitor to the right location more effectively so their time is spent efficiently and we are as helpful as we can be, without using additional resources. We have seen a 57% increase in email inquiries by interacting automatically and providing a follow-up method that furthers the conversation.

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Competition for content is challenging, especially nowadays. Everyone provides content in one or more ways: videos, podcasts, blogs, courses, books.

That's a lot coming from many people, and we've got to make our content stand out, so our audience pays attention.

I'm always testing things out. If we want to tell a client this is the way to go, I want to show them it's not only me saying it, we're actually doing it, and prove to them it works. I want to be able to say, for example, if you get Landbot and use it for Instagram, you could create a little chatbot within Instagram, and few people are doing that. That would help them stand out against their competitors, where everyone else is using linktree or a link to a website or nothing at all.

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Paul Ince aka BizPaul
CEO at LikeMind Media

Start creating engaging content that will get people talking about what you do, and we'll help you capture your audience's attention through a unique approach to content delivery.

Don't wait any longer. Nike said it, and we'll say it too: Just Do It!

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Pedro Marques
Brand and Communications at Landbot
Pedro is a firm believer that conversations have the power to change lives. And he’s always busy enjoying life and making sure others do the same.