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Wiredmark Reveals How They Grew Their Leads by 200% with Landbot

The way to build a successful company is through commitment and consistency. These two strategies are the foundation of any company that wants to generate revenue and have customers for the long-term.

17% chatbot lead conversion
chatbot lead conversion conversational design
17% chatbot lead conversion
chatbot lead conversion conversational design

Wiredmark, is a Birmingham-based Marketing and WebOps digital agency. Their mission is to build bridges between brands and people.


Birmingham, UK 🇬🇧




WebOps and Digital Marketing

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What if I told you that the power of conversations holds the key to your marketing?

It's not about shouting about your business from the rooftops or posting on all social media channels.

It's about striking up a conversation with someone, building relationships, getting to know people, finding out what they need, and connecting them with what they want.

The Clarity Of Why

It's a common misconception that businesses need leads, and the more, the better. The truth is, not all leads are going to convert to paying customers.

Lead generation is a numbers game, but the problem is, you don't know what you're looking for until you have a ton of leads.

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Initially, we were resorting to standard landing pages with a multi-step contact form to increase the engagement a little bit and showing users a progress bar. Regarding chatbots, we mainly used ManyChat, which is very limited because you're limited by what Facebook dictates, and it's not as complete and as development-oriented as Landbot.

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Marcello Silvestri
Managing Director at Wiredmark

You need to find a lead generation strategy that can help you cut through the noise and find the customers who will actually convert. And what can make them convert?

Instead of forcing people to fill out forms, conversations create a bond and provides immediate reward. Conversations allow users to communicate with your brand on their terms and on their terms alone.

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Every business needs leads, but not all of the leads will convert into paying customers. At some point, your efforts to generate leads should be focused on nurturing leads that convert into customers or revenue.

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Consistency, Always

A cause is like a magnet. It attracts the people who are interested in it.

But that's not always the case.

Like having a relationship where the other person doesn't want to get engaged. How can you give them a reason to want to stay in the relationship?

You have to interact with them, tell them stories about your life, make them laugh, and see things from their perspective.

Similarly, if you give a reason for people to engage with your brand, they will be attracted to it.

Landbot is a powerful tool if you have no clue about code, but if you're tech-savvy, you can do magic! Because it's your solution, you're not limited to anything! At the same time, having a chatbot on your website can significantly increase users' engagement. It's much more potent because it recalls typical real-life chats that we use every day.

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But, it's not a single event that makes people trust you, that makes people enjoy working with you, or even that makes people love you. As Simon Sinek says in this must-see interview, "it's about the little, consistent things we do every day that makes the difference."

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Before was a "leave your details and we'll get back to you," and now is "let's talk about what you do, who you are, and see how we can help." It's about having customers leave me their details and having them commit by booking an appointment right away. For me, that's powerful!
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Marcello Silvestri
Managing Director at Wiredmark
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Commit And Stick to It

In 1984, the "Godfather of influence" Robert Cialdini published his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, a must-read for all marketers worldwide.

Commitment and Consistency is one of Cialdini's 6 Principles of Persuasion, which influences buying decisions. The principle of commitment asserts that humans have a strong desire to be perceived as consistent.

The most essential part of any company's strategy is to get users to "stick." That means getting them to stay on board and engaged, so they can keep paying for your services or products.

There are many different ways to do this, and it's essential to find the right fit for your company.

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When we started consistently using Landbot and implementing it as a solution to our customers, we immediately saw an increase from 10 to around 200 leads a month booking an appointment with us and requesting our services. And that means a lot! The key was being consistent.

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The core of this is that consistency creates confidence and trust. It creates an experience upon which human beings can rely every time.

Getting others to be drawn into and engaged with you is vital if you want to get your message across successfully. It's not enough just to tell them - they need to experience it for themselves.

Although we are always linked to a mass network, many people do not feel any connection at all. There is a gap between people and brands because the latter are not speaking the same language as the former. Their ideas are made of unrelatability and rowdy communication. We bridge that gap with creative ideas that are relatable to people and valuable to brands.

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Wiremark Results
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Bridging The Gap

"How many drops of water does it take to form an ocean?"

This is a question that many people ask and may never know the answer to.
It is difficult to predict with certainty what will happen when you take one small action and build on it consistently.

What is for certain is that when you take a few small actions and keep them as part of your everyday routine, you will see exponential growth and success over time.

WiredMark bridges the gap between humans and technology with Landbot.

What are you waiting for to make us part of your daily workflow?

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Pedro Marques
Brand and Communications at Landbot
Pedro is a firm believer that conversations have the power to change lives. And he’s always busy enjoying life and making sure others do the same.