How Soap went from 25% to 73% of email open rate with Landbot

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest problems facing our planet right now. And while major corporations still fail to address this crisis, some small companies lead the way forward in terms of environmental stewardship.

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Soap, a Milan-based and first company selling 100% sustainable canned detergent.


Milan, Italy





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Who says doing business and doing good can’t go together? Soap is unique in the sector and a rare case that includes people, planet, profit, and purpose in their business model.

How to Compete With Giants

We've listened many times to marketers saying that Facebook ads are the answer to traffic, clients, and sales, especially when you're new to the business. Marco Borsani, CEO and founder of Soap, wasn't an exception:

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I've started with Facebook ads, but statistically speaking, the data I was getting wasn't meaningful. It was taking a huge amount of time, money, and effort to get quality leads. It's impossible to build trust and convert prospects into buyers through a small snapshot of my brand they see in an ad.

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Marco Borsani
CEO and Founder of SOAP

Valuable and educational content helps build authority. And when you have big-name competitors, you need to double your force to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.

Playing in such a big league as the soap and detergent industry where Henkel, P&G, or Unilever are the most prominent players, Marco knew he had to take a shift in mindset.

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I spent a lot of time and money investing on learning how I could differentiate my product from our competitors, and I knew I had to do the exact opposite of what they're doing. Therefore I didn't want to generate my leads the same way they're doing, which is through forms.

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Creating Real Value

The right goals drive the right behavior. And with the right software in place, you can focus on providing what your customers need without relying on paid ads to get their attention.

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I discovered the chatbots world, which would allow me to do a bit more than just lead generation. The main problem was that 90% of chatbots were based on Facebook Messenger, like ManyChat, Chatfuel, etc. I'd not have the autonomy and necessary freedom to integrate it with a landing page in an engaging way.

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However, an average landing page conversion rate is only 2% or 3% because consumers expect real-time interaction with a business. 

Studies show that 85% of them prefer to interact with companies via chatbots, and the truth is, when they're engaged in a conversation, they're less likely to bounce. Why is that, you may ask. 

The answer is simple: to build any relationship, you need a conversation, and Marco knew that right from the start,

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I give customers a special offer right after having their details and then sending them to a specific landing page for this campaign. At the same time, I've integrated Landbot with Active Campaign for the email marketing campaign, which will mainly target customers who haven't converted right from the landing page
Marco Borsani
CEO and Founder of SOAP
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Experiences That Exceed Expectations

Consumers are showing a willingness and propensity to spend but not purchase. They want experiences more than products.

According to a study conducted by San Francisco State University's Psychology Department, people enjoy greater well-being from life experiences and consider them better use of money.

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Thanks to Landbot, I can see a really high engagement rate right from the start. Our page went from 3% to 17% of conversion rate.

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For Marco, there are two main things about Landbot that exceeded his expectations,

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Firstly, our visitors not only trust but they like Landbot because I can see 90% of people reaching the end of the bot. Secondly, when they leave their email, they’re fully aware of what they’re doing, and that translates into a 75% of open email rate, compared to the 25% I had before Landbot, and consequently, we’ve seen a sharp surge in conversion rate.

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Landbot on a full landing page + integration with Active Campaign for the email marketing campaign.
From 6665 emails sent, the open email rate was 73.64%, and 61.97% of clicks.
Levels of engagement - email marketing campaign
In red, the number of opened emails are the biggest slice of the pie chart.
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Better Conversations Grow Your Business

In today's world, we are constantly bombarded with information, non-stop and all day.

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People leave their email addresses because they now trust the channel and experience I’m providing. The numbers speak for themselves: our email open rate is 75% since using Landbot. I’ve never expected such numbers.

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To build relationships, you need to bring value and make a difference. And the key here is engagement - two-way, meaningful, and added-value conversations. 

Conversations drive business. So, the question is: are you ready for this?

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Pedro Marques
Brand and Communications at Landbot
Pedro is a firm believer that conversations have the power to change lives. And he’s always busy enjoying life and making sure others do the same.
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