Madison and the secret of interactions

"Our first experience with a client turned out to be a great success and the numbers speak for themselves. We started with a simple but fluid bot and we could immediately see a 38% conversion of the conversations!"
Joaquín Losa - Responsible for innovation and product development
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Company: Madison MK - Marketing Agency
Description: Marketing agency, more than 1,800 employees. It was created in 1950 and it has customers in more than 50 countries.


Madison and the secret to interactions

Digital transformation and customer experience go hand in hand. By the way, did you know nearly half of all companies say improving customer experience and customer satisfaction were the leading influences to start a digital transformation?

Madison was born in 1992 with a business idea based on customer service. 28 years later, the company has more than 1,800 employees and 5 different business lines that provide the client with comprehensive marketing services.

A qualitative leap, which arises from the spirit of innovation and creativity of the humans behind the brand. In fact, innovation and the human connection is one of the maxims that has characterised Madison throughout its history, realizing since the early days their breathing ecosystem was not only made up of their core messages, values and mission but also the emotional connection it provides their customers.

The Digital Transformation aka The Challenge

Joaquín Losa
, responsible for innovation and product development in the area of Digital Services and Business Solutions at Madison’s BPO Contact Center, wants technology to ’empower’ their people to create outstanding customer experiences.

Customers now have an unprecedented number of ways to engage with companies. With this in mind, Joaquín needed to look for solutions to initiate an omnichannel transformation - one that views touchpoints as part of a seamless customer journey,

“We’ve tested tools like Thoughtflow, Chatlio, among others. After playing around a bit, we immediately realized Landbot had the best UX for our customers ( the end users ), was easily customisable for us developers and the native integrations like Whatsapp, Facebook & Telegram were just awesome. Not to mention the unlimited possibilities with Webhooks and APIs.”, he explained.

Why Landbot?

“Landbot has a beautiful design and it’s very attractive to our customers. We can communicate with them and engage right from the start...and the builder, where our developers need to do the hard work, is so straightforward and easy! Not to mention the amount of tools and integrations which makes it an agile and powerful solution”,
said Joaquín.

First Dates ❤️

Digital transformation trends have been having a profound impact on loads of industries and Travel & Tourism industries can be seen as early adopters. Personalization is a crucial element of travel business and knowing this, Joaquín and his team, had the perfect opportunity to implement Landbot for the first time with one of their customers.

“Our first experience with a customer turned out to be a big hit and the numbers speak for themselves. We’ve started with a simple but fluid conversational landbot and were able to immediately see a 38% conversion from the conversations! Ever since we integrated Landbot into their website, their guests have had really nice reactions. Exceeding our customers’ expectations is key for us and Landbot makes it possible.”

New concepts and humanizing chatbots

Chatbots are on the rise thanks to increasing demand from consumers to have a 24/7 digital experience
, “Landbot is essential for us right now and we want to take it to a whole different level”, Joaquín says,  

- Madison was the big winner of our Facebook Community first contest with this landbot -

“This contest gave us the freedom to explore even more features, learn and have some fun. Dialogflow was the base of everything in the conversation and NLP ( natural language processing ) is a game changer. As more clients use chatbots, the more demand will exist for better development of chatbots and Landbot not only offers exactly what we need right now, but brightens up the future of interactions!”

"The best way to predict the future is to create it".

- Abraham Lincoln -

Something that characterizes Madison is their passion for innovation and their collective desire to improve and making challenges their best ally,

“My best advice to new 'Landbotters' is fear nothing because Landbot IS simple and really intuitive. And never forget the
humans at Landbot, which have always helped us and offered us the best solutions!”.

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