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“Some of the projects we often develop are self evaluation questionnaires, which we also use on our live coaching sessions. These are quite fast to build and the possibility to provide real-time feedback to our users is absolutely amazing.”
Tuomas Mankki - Digital Solutions Director | Partner at Ablers Oy
Company: Ablers
Description: Ablers is a management and digitalization consulting firm based in Helsinki, Finland.

The world of consulting has been transformed by digital technology. Where advanced industry knowledge was king in traditional management consulting, the ability to leverage insights for redefining experiences and reinventing business models using data, digital and cloud technologies now reigns. 

Companies that are best able to provide data and technological capabilities can
best offer customers value.

One day or day one

Enabling, stimulating and encouraging companies, teams and individuals to take their potential to the next level is Ablers’ bread and butter.

Their first project was back in 2017 “we hired an external company to build a leadership coaching chatbot app for us, which people could use to improve their leadership skills, but it took us around half a year to have it rolled out and the costs were huge, for a project that was only based on script, not even AI involved... ” says Tuomas Mankki, one half of Ablers, together with his colleague Laura Lares.

“...after this project, I thought there must be a faster and easiest way to create these conversational interactions with and for our customers. I’ve started looking for other solutions and I remember seeing
Landbot on Product Hunt.”

A Quora post posed the simple question: "Which app changed your life?" Responses ranged from apps that encouraged people to become programmers, to apps that helped them make new friends or stop smoking. Yet they had all greatly changed the way an individual went about his or her life. 

“...Everyone was crazy about you guys and I will never forget my ‘Wow’ moment when I got to your website and, only by seeing a screenshot of Landbot’s builder with the arrows and the dots you could use to connect your flow, I said to myself “This is it!” Since that moment, my main business and what I do for a living is based on Landbot. It was a life changing experience for me!

The best is yet to come

Humanity has always looked to its youth for creativity and innovation, but today it’s happening quicker and more often than ever before. 

Generation Z is entrenched in technology unlike any of their predecessors. Educators need to shift from thinking about whether students apply to college to how students navigate the college search and application process.

Our first landbot took me around 4 hours to set up. Comparing this to our half a year project...well, it felt great! Then our first customers were universities and we built landbots to help students go through processes of applying to college, applying for financial aid, registering for classes, and multiple other tasks.”  

Behavioral researchers Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein discovered that the way in which these tasks are presented to students can have drastic effects on the completion rate. Thus, administrators can help enhance student success on their journey to and through college by nudging and creating a path of least resistance for college-bound learners.

Chatbots are in education to stay. We can communicate with them as we would with people. 

We made a project for children in elementary schools, ages between 8 to 12, where the landbot interventions are structured as a conversation in which children actively participate in the decision-making process by choosing different pre-set responses. The child is guided to interact with the landbot, keeping them involved in the process and at the end of this project, we saw a 98% completion rate! They’re very keen to use it and found it so much fun and easy to use compared with other questionnaire tools.”

Goodbye online surveys, welcome chatbots

The days of boring online surveys are gradually being replaced by more interactive, interesting and creative questionnaire options. Nobody wants to take time answering questions from a survey unless there is a big incentive. A chatbot can be taught to remember users’ preferences, and create mapped conversations that will engage in a way a human would.

In fact, more than 58% of HR leaders say that the current evaluation approach is obsolete and ineffective. Chatbots allow for an immediate sharing of feedback and insights into success, allowing workers to continually be the best at what they do.


"If you want something done properly, do it yourself" says an ancient saying. This is true for most things in life and software development is no exception. In addition, non-code development is very economical as opposed to software development, which in a professional environment can cost a lot of money when you hire programmers. And Tuomas knows something about it.

It's awesome to see our landbot data sync in real time with Google Sheets and be able to analyse it immediately. And the thing is, you can accomplish complex data analysis without a single line of code with Landbot. I learnt so many new things I didn’t know I was capable of and without the struggles of costs and time.

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