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Inspiring stories about taking risks, dreaming big and making a positive impact in the world.
city of liverpool landbot story

Liverpool and the power of a citizen-centric approach

Find out how Liverpool's city council supports their residents with a Landbot chatbot.

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landbot customer stories josep carreras

Fundación Josep Carreras fighting Leukaemia

A private, charitable non-profitable organization, and a clear objective: for leukaemia to be 100% curable.

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landbot customer stories conversational design

Conversational Design & the future of Digital Marketing

With Conversational Design & Landbot, customer engagement reaches heights you have never seen before.

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landbot customer stories kumanucare

Revolutionizing Diabetes, with Kumanucare

Helping patients & caregivers of chronic illnesses find information without drowning in internet's ocean.

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landbot customer stories madison

Madison, the secret of interactions, and a 38% conversion rate

More than a buzzword, digital transformation is crucial for business and Madison knows all about it.

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landbot customer stories ablers

From coaching to speed with Ablers and Landbot

Check how Ablers enables and encourages companies and individuals to take their potential to the next level.

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landbot customer stories clivo

Clivo's Story and their Clivobot for NOM.035

Clivo helps companies to fight workplace stress in the no.1 country in the world affected by this: Mexico.

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landbot customer stories + medecins sans frontieres

The need behind the need of Médecins Sans Frontières

Taking a storytelling approach to build a mental health bot for people who were at lockdown and on their own.

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