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How to Grow your WhatsApp Audience: Ultimate Guide

How to Grow your WhatsApp Audience: Ultimate Guide

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How to Grow your WhatsApp Audience

It’s not exactly a secret that WhatsApp is one of the best messaging platforms for customer communication. Boasting 2 billion monthly active users, it’s the most popular messaging app on the planet—it’s hard to compete with that. Though, reading this article, you already know all that. 

You probably already applied for the Business API, built your WhatsApp chatbot, and have some campaigns running. If so, good for you! Now it’s time to think about how to grow your WhatsApp audience. 

With WhatsApp API, there’s no limit to how many people you can reach. So, once people opt in to be contacted via WhatsApp, it’s unlikely they will “unsubscribe.” After all, when is the last time you actually deleted a contact on your phone? Yeah, a long time ago, if ever!

In the spirit of making customer communication ever so easy, here is a list of ideas you can use to boost your WhatsApp audience and make sure you make the most of it!

8 Ways to Grow Your WhatsApp Audience

WhatsApp is a powerful channel with impressive open and engagement rates. The good news is there are many easy and cost-effective ways to get people to opt into your messaging communications. 

Share your WhatsApp Number or Create a CTA

The easiest and most obvious ways to let your audience know you are present and reachable via WhatsApp is by sharing your WhatsApp number on your home page, Contact Us page, and as well as your social media accounts. 

For instance, Lamparicas lists the WhatsApp number in the top banner, so it’s always visible: 

On the other hand, Decathlon lists the WhatsApp number on their contact page: 

how to grow whatsapp audience decathlon

If you want to make contact via WhatsApp really easy, make the WhatsApp number or a CTA button clickable to open up the official  “Continue to Chat” window. 

grow whatsapp audience

Use QR Codes 

Thanks to the pandemic, QR codes shed their RIP status and are relevant again. 

So, if your brand is present in the real world, it’s a good idea to share a QR code for WhatsApp on receipts or printed ad campaigns around the city

Though you can also offer this option online, take an example from BancaMarch: 

boost whsatsapp audience

Ask Users to Opt-in in Irresistible Situations

If the generic approach is not doing it for you, you can always resort to making WhatsApp opt-in  absolutely irresistible by “being in the right place at the right time.”

So, when is it hard to say no to WhatsApp?

  • Offering delivery updates (CTA after checkout)
  • “Back in stock” notifications (CTA on product pages)
  • “Price change” notifications (CTA on product pages)
  • Installations support and/or other product/service-essential content (CTA after checkout)
  • Offering to switch from web chat to WhatsApp chat to give the user the chance to interact more freely without being restricted to sticking to the desktop
  • Etc.

Prompt Users to Opt-in in your Email Campaigns 

Email is not dead BUT leads, and customers on your mailing list might be interested in shaking things up with the conversational channels. 

It’s simple. 

Use your newsletter or email journey for advertising your WhatsApp channel. If you have a captivated audience, it’s a great way to share you have a new communication channel.

growing audience on whatsapp via email

Or, you can use it as an alternative offer when users click “Unsubscribe.” Before they say “sayonara” to your mailing list, ask, “Would you like to receive notification via WhatsApp instead?”

At that point, you really have nothing to lose and people don’t get as annoyed with incoming instant messages as they get with an overflowing inbox. 

Offer WhatsApp Exclusive Content and Offers

Another way of making WhatsApp irresistible to your audience is by throwing some exclusive advantages into the mix. 

You can play around with special offers, discounts, and lucrative bundles or play into the instantaneous nature of the app. Your WhatsApp audience can get early bird access to almost anything you put out since people check their messages more often than email. 

Holiday Pirates are taking WhatsApp marketing seriously, offering their subscribers lucrative discounts and early bird claims to promotions:

grow audience on whatsapp channel

Use a Conversational Opt-in

Sometimes gaining an opt-in requires a bit more explanation. In other words, you might need to explain precisely what type of communication the users are signing up to receive. 

Now, you could do that with an online form… but we all know online forms can be a bit off-putting. Or, in the spirit of messaging, go about it conversationally. 

You can include the WhatsApp opt-in inside your web bot, as mentioned above, or create a stand-alone mini chat. For isntance, Landbot offer a ready-made WhatsApp opt-in chatbot template you can activate in less than one minute.

whatsapp opt-in chatbot template

Just sign up for free, and access the template:

whatsapp opt-in bot template backend

Click the TEST option in the upper right corner, and you can test out the template instantly on your own private channel: 

whatsapp opt-in chatbot template test

It’s a great option if, for example, the customer opted-in to receive delivery notifications. After the delivery is done, you can receive this prompt to keep the conversation going. 

Click-to-WhatsApp Ads

Nobody said you need to keep things organic in your battle to grow your WhatsApp audience. 

Click-to-WhatsApp ads are a great way to kick start the relationship. The ads allow your leads to send a message directly from an ad they saw on Facebook or Instagram by clicking on a simple  “send a WhatsApp message” CTA. 

It enables an instantaneous connection with your brand and launches a high-intent user conversation, whether automated or live. 

Word of Mouth

The easiest way to spread the word about your WhatsApp channel and increase your WhatsApp audience is simply doing a great job and letting people do the advertising for you. 

Whether you end up using WhatsApp for customer support, entertainment in the form of content, or exclusive offers and discounts, do it well. If you make your WhatsApp audience happy, they will spread the word publicly or through dark social channels, doing all the heavy lifting for you.

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