Getting Started with WhatsApp Chatbots Video Guide

Learn how to create your first chatbot on WhatsApp! Follow these easy steps to build and customize your chatbot flow, and test it out for yourself.

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In this video, you'll uncover the simplicity of crafting a powerful WhatsApp chatbot for your business. The potential of WhatsApp chatbots in enhancing engagement, slashing resolution times, improving customer satisfaction, fostering retention, and even driving revenue growth is remarkable.

Get ready to delve into the process of building a dynamic WhatsApp chatbot using Landbot. The tutorial is structured into three comprehensive sections to make your learning experience smooth.

Firstly, you'll dive into the creation phase of the chatbot. Moving ahead, the focus shifts to testing the chatbot. You'll be guided to publish your bot and then initiate testing. By testing it with your WhatsApp app, you'll witness firsthand how the chatbot performs, gaining insights into user interaction.

Lastly, the video outlines the deployment process. While you're given a taste of WhatsApp chatbot creation, deploying your bots under your official WhatsApp Business Account involves a distinct process. This necessitates upgrading to a WhatsApp Plan and applying for the WhatsApp Business integration process.

Whether you're a business owner aiming to leverage the power of chatbots or an enthusiast interested in the technology, this tutorial provides an illuminating and practical exploration of WhatsApp chatbot development.

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00:32 Building a WhatsApp Chatbot

1:16 Testing WhatsApp Chatbot

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In this video I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a WhatsApp chatbot for your business. WhatsApp chatbots have shown to have incredible results in engagement, resolution time, customer satisfaction, retention, and even revenue growth.

So, Let’s get started with creating a fully customizable WhatsApp chatbot using Landbot. We will divide this tutorial into 3 sections:

First we will Build our WhatsApp chatbot,
Once built, we will see how to test it on our own phones.
And finally, we’ll see how to deploy it.

So, Starting with building a WhatsApp chatbot. Once you’ve logged in into Landbot. You will find yourself in the home section.

Click on create a WhatsApp chatbot. You can choose if you want AI to build your initial chatbot flow for you, Build it from scratch, or use a template.

I’ll go with a template, I’ll pick this one.

Now, once selected, we land on the builder. Here you will be able to edit the chatbot conversation at your liking. The arrows indicate the direction the conversation will follow. You can edit and add new blocks, keep in mind the canvas is infinite!

You can Embed images, videos, GIFs, and links to enhance the user experience. Plus Integrate external services such as CRM systems, email marketing tools, or e-commerce platforms if needed.

Once you feel like the bot is ready, it’s time to test it ourselves.

For that, up in the right corner click on Publish and then on “test this bot”. Add a phone number that has the regular WhatsApp app installed in order to test it. Once you click on “test”, check your phone because you should have received a WhatsApp notification. Click on “Ok, let's test” and you will be able to interact with the chatbot you just built!

Now, this is just to get familiar with WhatsApp chatbot building.

In order to set up your own chatbots and link them under your official WhatsApp Business Account, you need to apply for the WhatsApp Business API integration process.

For that, you need to upgrade to a WhatsApp Plan. Now, you can count on us, as we will guide you through the process of setting up your WhatsApp Business Account.

So that’s it! Hope this video helped you get started with WhatsApp Chatbots! I’m Nik from Landbot, and I’ll see you in the next one!!

Key takeaways

  • Build a WhatsApp chatbot
  • Test your chatbot
  • Build a WhatsApp chatbot
Test your chatbot