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Integrate your chatbot in a WordPress website

Integrate your chatbot in a WordPress website




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Generate leads and improve the customer experience on your WordPress website with Landbot.

By adding a chatbot to your website, you can:

- Convert website traffic in real-time and increase your revenue.

- Provide 24/7 automated support.

- Collect feedback instantly.

- And more.

To install a chatbot on WordPress, you first must create one. With Landbot's powerful platform and visual drag & drop interface, you can launch your chatbot in minutes.

Use one of our chatbot design templates or completely customize the look and feel of the chatbot to match your WordPress design.

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Pre-made templates for your website

Pre-made templates using this integration

Pre-made templates for your website

Pre-made templates using this integration

Pre-made templates for your website

See all chatbot templates

Pre-made templates using this integration

See all chatbot templates

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for building a chatbot? Do I need coding skills?

You don't need any coding skills to build a chatbot.

Landbot's visual drag & drop builder offers fully no-code functionalities allowing non-technical users such as marketers or customer support agents to develop and maintain the bots themselves.

However, more technical users and developers can be more creative with Chatbots, especially UI customisations and user interactivity.

I have a Web Developer in my team. Can they help?

Launching a chatbot on your website is as easy as copying and pasting a code snippet, so everyone can do it.

However, if you have a Web Developer in your team, you can send them the instructions according to your website builder.

You will find the option to share these instructions in the “Share” section inside the chatbot creation page.

How can I add a chatbot to my website?

You can integrate a chatbot within your website using multiple formats:

- Live Chat Widget - Chatbot widget is probably the most popular and widely spread of chatbot formats. Most commonly, the widget takes on the shape of a chat bubble and resides in the lower right corner of the website.

- Pop-Up - This format is less common but quite powerful. Like a classic banner/form popup, it initiates by clicking on a button, time on page, or scrolling to a specific section. Unlike a button or an online form, a popup chatbot launches directly into the conversation, creating an interactive setup.

- Website Embed - This format allows you to seamlessly embed your assistant into any section of your website where it will be more helpful to your visitors.

- Full Page - Chatbots can also work as a stand-alone landing page meaning the chatbot makes up the entirety of the page. This type of chatbot format is particularly useful in marketing, helping reduce drop-offs by focussing the user's attention on the conversation and thereby improving conversions.

Where can I learn more about adding a chatbot on my website?

You can learn more about our integrations by consulting:

- Landbot Academy: How to Embed
- Knowledge Center: Integrations