How Brands Can Take Advantage of Domain Names

Illustrator: Adan Augusto

If you want to build an online presence for your existing business, choosing the right domain name is crucial. It helps any potential customer find and identify your website on the internet. 

Domains are immensely important – many businesses like Amazon and Apple even purchase multiple domain names to deliver different content. That way, they can establish a broader online presence and boost their marketing strategy.

In this article, you’ll learn about the advantage of domain names for brands, from using multiple domains to selecting brandable ones. Let’s get!

The Benefits of Multiple Domain Names

With multiple domains, companies can optimize their business websites in terms of branding and online presence. In this section, we will explore the benefits of having multiple domains in greater detail.

Create High-Quality Promotion Strategies

Owning multiple domains can help you build attractive marketing campaigns. In addition to creating a conversational landing page and generating audience engagement via chatbots, site owners can utilize a descriptive domain extension.

Examples of this include .coupons or .discount, as they are effective in grabbing customers’ attention. The uniqueness and memorability also allow you to improve user engagement and boost word-of-mouth marketing.

In this case, using a URL like mybrand.coupons for your landing pages can be more memorable than the domain mybrandcoupons.com. Consumers might be more likely to click it, and they can easily share it on various social media platforms, giving you a better chance to raise awareness.

Make Individual Domains for Specific Goals

Having individual domain names for specific purposes can be beneficial. It enables you to communicate effectively with the target audience and differentiate products or services. 

For example, Amazon uses amazon.care for its employee healthcare network website. As you can see just by the domain, this website targets a specific audience and gives an insight into the website’s purpose.

In addition to generic domains, you can leverage country code domain extensions, such as .uk, .us, and .es, to target local audiences. 

Protect Your Brand

Businesses with multiple domains can better protect their brands from phishing or fraudulent websites with similar names. 

For example, if your business owns the website knitscarves.com, malicious actors can register knitscarves.co and use it for a phishing or spam website. This is dangerous for website visitors and harmful to your brand image. So, aside from purchasing multiple domains, we recommend using trademark protection for your domain name. 

To illustrate, Amazon has various keyword descriptive domains that will redirect users to relevant pages on amazon.com. You can also buy domain names with alternative spellings and use multiple extensions besides your primary domain.

With the right domain extension, businesses can enhance their online identity. For example, tech domains like .tech, .io, and .xyz are suitable for technology companies, while .store domains perfectly match online shops. 

Strengthen SEO to Improve Audience Engagement

Using multiple descriptive domain names helps inform visitors what to expect from your website. Descriptive domains are also more searchable, strengthening search engine optimization (SEO) and helping to generate more traffic.

For instance, if you type japan travel on Google, the japan.travel website holds the top search engine ranking. That’s because the domain is an exact match to the search query and indicates the website’s relevance.

Include relevant keywords in your domain names to maximize SEO efforts. Make sure to conduct keyword research using SEO tools like SEMrush and Google Search Console.  

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The Advantages of a Domain Name

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of having multiple domain names, this section will discuss the general advantages of selecting good domain names for businesses.

Your Market Connection

A strong domain name enables you to quickly engage with your niche market. For example, business owners can take advantage of multiple domains by redirecting one domain to another. It helps businesses have a broader market reach and ensure that their potential customers can easily access the website. 

For example, the URLs www.kindle.store and www.dash.tech redirect users to the relevant pages on the main Amazon website. This enables the company to reach the target audience for specific products and increase online visibility, helping to drive more sales and conversions.

market connection

In addition, having various niche domains that point to your main website can help you determine customers' interests. By knowing which domain gets the most clicks and traffic, business owners can spend their marketing budget more efficiently.

You can set up a 301 redirect to permanently move a web page from one URL to another. To do so, use a plugin or edit your .htaccess file. Some of the best redirect plugins for WordPress users are LoginWP, Redirection, and Safe Redirect Manager.  

Brand Controlling

Choosing a domain name that matches your business name will help to boost brand recognition. It increases qualified internet traffic and allows you to directly communicate your branding to the target audience. For this reason, securing your desired domain name is crucial. 

In addition, purchasing multiple domains will be beneficial to secure your company’s image. Even if you don’t plan to utilize all of them, registering domains similar to your brand name can prevent others from claiming it and stealing potential customers.

Your Site’s SEO Augmentation

SEO augmentation is one of the best ways to improve your SEO strategy by building high-quality and relevant content. Through quality content, your website’s domain name will be seen as more trustworthy by search engines, helping it to achieve better online visibility.

 To create great content, consider implementing these best practices:

  • Create a user intent-focused keyword strategy. Find topics and keywords that your audience is looking for on Google. Then, create relevant content based on the search intent.
  • Add keywords naturally. Ensure that your content provides value to customers. Avoid keyword stuffing and cannibalization.
  • Build internal links. Add relevant links from your web pages to improve site authority and browsing time. Remember to use appropriate anchor texts for the best user experience.
  • Review competitors' content. Learn how competitors structure their content to attract visitors and drive conversions. Integrate these strategies to produce better content for your website.

Competitive Edge Development

Besides boosting your online presence, having a good domain name will give your business a competitive edge. It adds credibility and uniqueness to your site and can improve its memorability among visitors. 

Get creative with your domain name by picking unique top-level domains, such as .coach, .design, and .life. With the right domain extensions, you can build a successful web presence. 

If you want to create a personal website, using a .me or .online domain extension alongside your name might be a good option. It enables visitors to immediately identify what the site is about. You can also redirect specific domains to your social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram to boost brand awareness.


To have a successful business online, choosing the right domain name is crucial. Since it represents your brand image, ensure to register a domain name that will bring various advantages. 

Owning multiple domains can be a great approach to help your business grow online and build a solid reputation. That’s why we discussed how brands can benefit from domain names in this article. 

Here’s a quick summary of how brands can take advantage of domain names:

  • Create effective promotion plans – build clear and shareable campaigns;
  • Use individual domains for specific goals – deliver different messages with different URLs;
  • Protect the brand – prevent your brand from being associated with phishing and fraudulent websites;
  • Improve SEO to increase engagement – use a descriptive domain to boost your site’s searchability;
  • Connect to the market – engage with your niche by redirecting them to relevant pages;
  • Control the brand – establish good branding and secure your site traffic with multiple domains;
  • Augment the site’s SEO – use a descriptive domain to enhance online visibility, helping Google to easily identify your website;
  • Gain a competitive edge – a good domain name helps add credibility to your website.

Now that you know how to benefit from domain names, make sure to choose a short, unique, and memorable web address for your site. Good luck!