7 Great Conversational Landing Pages Examples

Illustrator: Adan Augusto
conversational landing pages examples

So, you are curious to see some conversational landing page examples?

Well, you came to the right place!

Landing pages are one of the key tools of online marketing. They can make or break a deal. You want people driven to your landing page to take action by requesting information, completing a sign up, or making a purchase.

And so, a well-crafted landing page design is kind of a big deal.

The issue with traditional landing pages is, well, they are static. Usually, the only engagement enticing element is a CTA button. It works fine, but still, potential customers are usually stuck with the role of a passive observer.

So we had a look at a few pages created to support a specific campaign, offer or purpose and drive the conversion rates in a slightly different way — a conversational way.

What is a Conversational Landing Page?

Before we go ahead, let’s look into what a conversational landing page is and how it works.

Conversational landing pages engage visitors through a chatbot-driven interaction. In other words, instead of a sales copy and a call-to-action button, prospects are greeted by a bot and are pulled straight into a conversation.

Chatbot-driven landing pages can be used to generate and qualify leads, personalize products, share content, curate information, collect webinar and newsletter subscriptions, and much more.

One of the greatest advantages of this approach is that leads can actively participate in their journey. Furthermore, the turn-taking element grants them a certain level of control over the direction of that particular conversation.

It’s particularly powerful when you need to ask your prospects a series of questions in order to qualify them or to be able to make a personalized sale. Having a bot “screen” the lead and ask the basic questions in a fun and informal manner can save your sales team tons of time.

The web is drowning in landing pages. Hence, sparking a conversation can help you collect valuable data without compromising the quality of CX and differentiate you from your competitors.

When Landbot first introduced (accidentally) its conversational landing page, we saw a 300% increase in chat conversions.

To give you some inspiration, let’s look at a few creative conversational landing page examples and use cases.

1. Voltage: Website Navigation Bot

Voltage is an award-winning creative agency that builds creative solutions — websites, marketing campaigns, content strategy, and more — for premier fashion and apparel brand in the likes of Adidas, Reebok and Fjallraven.

Their (Landbot) bot, Volt, is the first things users see when they visit their website, making navigation much more engaging. Through interaction with the bot, visitors can quickly be redirected to a contact page or examples of Voltage’s work. Or just ask the bot why it presents itself in the form of a golden unicorn. 

2. Milo: Bubbly Web Designer Bot

Milo of ArtFull Science (marketing and web design agency) is the perfect example of a conversation-fueled landing page driven by bot personality.

He “works” for Stephen, and he doesn’t mind sharing his unfiltered opinions with anyone who is interested. He is quirky, witty, and fun. Before you know it, you are pulled into his storytelling that by the time he is done, you are more than happy to give him your email (even if he didn’t offer you a gift in exchange!)

Milo, you rock!

3. Trifinder: Sporting Event Finder

This conversational landing page example belongs to Trifinder, a UK service helping people find various sporting events in their vicinity.

The bot is simple, straightforward, and saves you a great deal of time looking through pages and pages of sporting events such as marathons, swims, and triathlons in different cities and regions around the UK.

4. Max: Avero’s Solution Chef

Avero, a restaurant management software, created a bot named Max.

Max is a chef that helps business owners solve overtime issues in their restaurants. It not only helps the prospect assess their situation but also uses the opportunity to collect data and introduce them to Avero features that could resolve the problems that are being discussed.

Potential customers walk away with interesting insight as well as some knowledge of Avero’s product. No extensive reading, no filling out forms… Max gets straight to the point!

A more common example of a hospitality bot might be reservation automation. If that's what you are after, check out this restaurant reservation template.

5. Kontor: Office Finder Bot

Kontor’s office finder is a clean and purposeful conversational experience. It’s basically an online form converted into something pleasant and appealing. With this simple conversational form, Kontor asked as many questions as was necessary for them to create a personalized list of suggestions for their prospective clients.

If that conversation was a form, it would have 7 fields! We all know that’s way too many. Through conversation Kontor finds out what they need to know, qualifying and scoring their client in the process.

Kontor takes lead generation to a whole new level!

6. Rocky Mountain College: Fundraising Bot

Rocky Mountain College's conversational landing page example is quite interesting as well.

They used this conversational marketing approach to reconnect with their alumni. The bot reminds them of their time as students and draws their attention to the importance of funding in education.

In a personal and non-pressuring way, the college offers alumni an opportunity to help by donating to their scholarship fund. Great job!

7. Visualist: Product Launch Bot

Visualist is a visual bookmark organization app with an AI-driven search function that hopes to win over an its target audience of creatives. When it launched, the company bet on conversational marketing to maximize its conversion, build hype and generate early access requests.

It's a fun way to get people interacting with your brand right rather than just have them click a button or fill out a form.

So, Ready to Give Conversational Landing Pages a Try?

Static landing pages can be great, but making a great one costs both lots of effort and money. Conversational pages, on the other hand, have a straightforward structure and an interactive nature that can drive your landing page conversions through the roof!

We sincerely hope you found some inspiration and ideas here. Check out our step-by-step tutorial if you want to get started on building your own conversational landing page.