Chatbots vs Forms

Forms not generating enough leads? Discover how & why chatbots convert better than forms!

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Landbot Chatbot vs Forms

Chatbots vs Forms

What is a chatbot?

what is a chatbot

A chatbot is an automated real-time conversational tool. They may be rule-based or AI-based or the combination of thereof. Their purpose may vary anywhere from entertaining, providing support to collecting user information.

What is a form?

Landbot Forms

A Form is a user interface element visitors can use to fill in and submit their personal or other types of data. They vary in format, length, content type, and design. But the purpose remains the same for all - collecting user information.

Chatbots are Proactive

Chatbots initiate conversations with users as they arrive, actively engaging with them through relevant form fields.

Forms are Static
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Forms require users to progress through the fields without any reciprocity and so have little control over fulfillment.

Chatbots reduce Bounce Rate

Chatbots have the power to mitigate web & mobile bounce rates using the turn-taking power of conversations.

Forms Can't Mitigate it
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It’s no secret most forms are abandoned by the users before being finished most users quit before finishing.

Chatbots Immediate Gratification

Thanks to their interactive nature, chatbots can act and react to submitted data or user demands instantly.

Forms bid Long Response Times
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Forms, while being the most common means to elicit contact, are often late to deliver the promised gratification.

Chatbots serve Multiple Purposes

Bots can be designed to enhance data collection by providing support, qualifying, scoring or assessing through the process.

Forms have One Purpose at a Time
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Simple & straightforward, forms can’t offer friendly assistance or stray from their single assigned purpose when necessary.

Multi-Channel Chatbots

Chatbots enable businesses to go where the customers are to get the necessary data, across devices and channels.

Forms are Exclusive to Web
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Web forms require marketers to always drive users to their particular location, losing many in the process.

Chatbots can Track Specific Goals

Landbot creates chatbots with the ability to set goals so you can easily analyze, track and optimize their performance.

Forms & Tracking Capabilities
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In terms of measurability, it can be difficult to determine a web form’s success in achieving its goals.

Maximize Conversational Forms with Native Integrations

Export, Import & Update data easily. Leverage Landbot's intuitive no-code builder to connect bots to the tools you already use, with a click.
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More Than A Substitute For Web-Forms

In the battle of chatbots vs forms, the conversational assistants are not limited to being web form substitutes and can be useful in a plethora of business situations.

Digital Marketing Forms

Digital Marketing

Explore the power of conversational marketing and challenge the status quo of user experience with conversational lead forms, automated scoring, content marketing, and frictionless engagement.

Digital Marketing Use Cases
Sales Funnel Forms


Besides reanimated contact forms, venture to empower your sales team with assistants who never sleep and always question, verify and ensure no qualified email address or phone number goes cold.

Sales & Lead Gen Use Cases
Customer Service Chatbot

Customer Support

Leverage the power of chatbots in customer service to assist potential customers as well as the existing ones by answering FAQs, classifying queries and managing handoffs to live chat when necessary. 

Customer Support Use Cases
Chatbots for HR & Internal Communication

HR & Internal Communication

Employee experience is as important as customer experience and chatbots can see to both. Apply conversational assistants to help HR collect feedback, carry out assessments, and manage employee queries.

Human Resources Use Cases

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