Chatbot for Lead Gen & Marketing

Engage leads, personalize journeys, nurture opportunities & skyrocket your conversion rates.

No Credit Card required

No Coding required

Chatbot for Lead Gen & Marketing

Engage leads, personalize journeys, nurture opportunities & skyrocket your conversion rates.

No Credit Card required

No Coding required

No Credit Card required

No Coding required

Chatbot Lead Generation & Marketing
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Use Chatbots in Marketing

Turn conversations into conversions

Lead Generation

Replace the old online lead generation form with a high-converting conversational assistant that not only collects customer data but personalizes CX on the go.

Lead Qualification

Leverage the power of interaction and use initial conversations with your leads to qualify them and assess their stage in the customer journey.

Lead Nurturing

Don’t let the hard-earned leads go without a fight, let your bot nurture them through personalized recommendations based on past interactions.

Event Registration Signup

Simplify event signup for users whose data you already have and make it easy for the newcomers as well with simple conversational integrations.

Product Launch Campaign

Launch products or services with ready-to-use product templates in a way consumers will remember. Let chatbots entice emotion and engagement with dynamic interaction & personality.

Campaign Landing Pages

Did you know that a chatbot landing page can triple your conversation rate? Power up your marketing campaigns with high-converting pages you can build in minutes.

Surveys & Questionnaires

Increase response rates with pre-designed bot survey templates by turning questionnaires into an interactive experience and personalizing question flow based on user answers in real-time.

Content Promo & Distribution

Leverage AI bots in spreading your visual and written content materials in a targeted and personalized manner, delivering what matters at the right time.

Interactive Competitions

Super-charge your lead acquisition with interactive conversational contests using bots to manage promo, collect contest entries and deliver results. 

Powered by conversations, driven by conversions.

marcello silvestri wiredmark
quote pink

200% growth in monthly leads

After implementing Landbot for our customers, we grew our leads from 10 to 200 leads per month.

Marcello Silvestri

Managing Director, Wiredmark

jose renteria landbot
quote mark blue

30% decrease in 
cost per lead

We ran an A/B test with Landbot and ended up replacing all our landing page campaigns with a chatbot.

Jose Renteria

Advertising Director, Arora Project

mattia gnemmi
quote mark green

40% higher lead

We reduced project implementation from 4 months to 3 weeks - serving more customers with better results.

Mattia Gnemmi

Co-Founder, Conversational Design


How Can Landbot Boost Your Lead Generation & Marketing Strategy?

Increased Speed of Development

Landbot’s fully visual drag-and-drop interface with a plethora of out-of-the-box features enables you to build flows quickly and efficiently applying your marketing knowledge as you go. No IT middle-man necessary.

Friendly & Instant Data Collection

The conversational nature of bot interactions makes data submission more intuitive, pleasant for the user while allowing for instant partial data collection. There is no need to wait for the data save & export until the end of the “form”.

Easy-to-optimize conversion

Substituting forms for Landbot conversations opens doors to in-depth insights that will help you guide and improve conversion. With conversational analytics, you see which part of the flow is causing friction and optimize it swiftly, even mid-campaign.

Real-Time Lead Scoring

Thanks to features like pre-formatted question types, “Set Variable” block, or Formulas, you can design your chatbots to score prospects based on their answer and preferences in real-time, freeing your team of tedious routine tasks.

Automatic Personalized Journeys

Leverage the real-time scoring capability to personalize lead journeys on the go with the help of conditional logic. Use the scores or data clusters to create logic jumps that will take the leads down a path appropriate to its sales-readiness.

Shorter Time to Response

Add multiple agents to your Landbot account and arrange an instantaneous bot-to-human handoff. Use the scoring and real-time data to prioritize among leads and focus the efforts and attention of your agents on those most likely to convert.