Chatbot for HR & Internal Communication

Improve your company’s talent acquisition, create a connected onboarding experience, and boost employee satisfaction.

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Use Chatbots for HR & Internal Communication

Achieve efficiency through communication automation


Bring candidate experience into the digital era. Automate & improve your company’s recruitment process with a bot that gathers applicants’ data, provides them with key information about the hiring process, schedules interviews, etc.


Create a virtual assistant that frees up HR and explores employee experience. Empower new recruits to learn at their own pace using a smart companion that won’t make them feel self-conscious about asking too many questions.

HR Assistant

Drive employee engagement digital transformation with pre-designed HR templates. Create bots that let employees calculate vacation days, submit vacation requests, retrieve company policies, check contract details & much more.


Ease the workload of your HR department by automating self and peer assessment procedures. Use conversational assistants to collect and organize performance feedback across the company in a friendly and efficient manner.

IT Support

Free your IT department from routine employee queries by creating a chatbot to answer questions and help resolve a majority of common technical issues without the need for intervention from human employees.


Conversational AI bots don’t need to face customers to help your customer support team. Build an assistant that supports your customer service team by allowing them to navigate your internal documentation or knowledge base more quickly.

Natural Language Processing tools such as Dialogflow definitely helped us find information people needed and could rely on. With Landbot we reduced the Time to Value from 4 weeks to 24 hours!

Diego Nievas

CEO and co-founder of KumanuCare

Why Choose Landbot to Integrate an HR Chatbot?

CEO of Kumanu Care reported ample time to value reduction on their Dialogflow NLP solutions. All thanks to out-of-the-box Landbot features that empowered them to build without coding.

How Can Landbot Improve Your Internal Communication?

Speedy Development & Easy Maintenance

Landbot’s visual no-code interface boasting a myriad of built-in features lets HR professionals and other no-tech employees build complex conversational flows with ease and efficiency - no coding experience required.

Agile No-Code Integrations

Thanks to Landbot’s out-of-the-box integrations and codeless webhooks feature, you can easily connect your HR chatbot to any API-enabled database and provide your emplouyess with information.

Simplified Natural Language Processing

Bots using natural language processing and artificial intelligence don’t need to be complex. Using Landbot’s native Dialogflow integration, you can build them without coding and even enrich them with rich UI elements like buttons or carousels.

landbot nocode chatbot builder reviewslandbot nocode chatbot builder reviews

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Customer Service

Answer FAQs, provide 24/7 support, collect feedback, give assistance, manage refunds, and more.


Provide personalized assistance, offer tailored recommendations, and process transactions in-chat.

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