Chatbot for Customer Service

Answer FAQs, provide 24/7 support, collect feedback, give assistance, manage refunds, and more. Automatically.

No Credit Card required

No Coding required

Chatbot for Sales

Provide personalized assistance, offer tailored recommendations, and process transactions in-chat.

No Credit Card required

No Coding required

No Credit Card required

No Coding required

Customer Service Chatbot
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Use Chatbots for Customer Service

Build a frictionless support system


Train a chatbot to respond and resolve all common customer queries and questions, freeing your customer service agents to focus on more complex issues.

The "Sorting Hat"

Leverage chatbots to gather initial info about support requests, classify their nature, and assess their urgency before sending them to a human agent in the right department.

How-to Guide

Offering a product or service that requires usage instruction and support? Forget long, dreadful manuals. Create a 24/7 guide that can provide personalized attention in a heartbeat.

Feedback & Reviews

Allow customers to submit reviews in a way that feels natural and comfortable. Use a bot to gather feedback on the web, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger. Get it done with pre-designed customer bot templates to create bots in minutes.

Refunds & Complaints

Not a sound refund system in place? Employ an intelligent service chatbot to assess liability and resolve refund queries promptly, on the spot, eliminating stressful wait times.


Provide “extra-mile” on-site services to your clients such as location information, discounts, or booking services such as transport, room service, wake-up call, and more.

What our customers are saying

liverpool landbot case study

We realized we’d need a virtual assistant, more than a chatbot, that could be available all the time to support our residents with up-to-date and consistent information.

William Costello

Head of Digital Services at Liverpool City Council
diego nievas landbot

NLP tools such as Dialogflow definitely helped us find information people needed & could rely on. We managed to reduce the Time to Value from 4 weeks to 24 hours!

Diego Nievas

CEO and co-founder of KumanuCare
tuomas mankki landbot

Some of our projects we are self evaluation questionnaires, which we also use on our live coaching sessions. Our first Landbot took me around 4 hours to set up.

Tuomas Mankki

Digital Solutions Director | Partner at Ablers Oy

How Can Landbot Improve Your Customer Service & Experience

Quick Development

Landbot’s no-code drag-and-drop interface boasting out-of-the-box features enables you to build conversational flows quickly and efficiently. Apply your CX and UI knowledge on the go - no coding intervention necessary.

No-Code Integrations

Offer exceptional customer support through seamless out-of-the-box or webhook integrations. Connect your bot to information databases like Airtable, CRMs like Salesforce, or natural language processing solutions like Dialogflow.

Friendly, Real-Time Data Collection

Take advantage of the conversational nature of bot interactions and make data collection and feedback more intuitive and fun for all users. Better yet, export and update collected data in real-time, throughout the conversation.

Shorter Response Time

Add multiple agents to your Landbot account and arrange an instantaneous bot-to-human handoff. Use the real-time data to prioritize among queries. Easily focus the attention of your agents on more complex cases a bot cannot handle.

All-in-One Chat Manager

Landbot enables multiple-agent support through native Landbot live chat manager. Empower your support reps through unified access to all conversations on the web, messaging apps or your native app.

Automatic Personalized Journeys

Leverage the advantage of multiple conversation paths and let users personalized their journey by making their own choices along a guided path. Use the collected data to offer personalized support 24/7.