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Provide personalized assistance, offer tailored recommendations, and process transactions in-chat.

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Use Chatbots in Sales

From leads to loyal customers

Sales Lead Qualification

Leverage the power of conversations and use bot-visitor interaction to assess leads’ stage in the customer journey. Take action on sales qualified leads in seconds.

Demos, Bookings & Reservations

Make booking meetings and demos a question of a few exchanged messages. Use your bot to collect data from structured or natural inputs and manage the process instantly.

Efficient Lead Nurturing

Prospective customer in need of an extra push? Employ chatbots in combination with emails or messages to create a personalized nurture experience & boost conversion.

Quick & Agile Product Finder

Save shoppers time browsing your site, and instead, allow them to use your bot to retrieve and present products in personalized, instantaneous interaction.

Product Recommendations

Use chatbots to recommend products in a friendly, non-salesy conversational manner based on users’ previous searches, indicated preferences, or even past purchases.

Transactions & Purchases

Make transactions a natural part of the conversation. Let your customers find products with the help of our bot, as well as complete the purchase without leaving the chat.

What our customers are saying

Growing Leads by 200%
When we started consistently using Landbot & implementing it as a solution to our customers, we immediately saw an increase from 10 to around 200 leads a month booking an appointment with us and requesting our services.

Marcello Silvestri

Managing Director at Wiredmark
30% decrease in Cost Per Lead
When we found Landbot, we decided to A/B test it, and we immediately saw this was way more successful, and we ended up turning off almost all our lead gen campaigns that were going to a landing page.

Jose Renteria

Director of Advertising at Arora Project
Achieving 40% Leads Conversion
Previously, creating a new project for a customer would take us up to 4 months to complete, now it takes us 3 weeks. We’re now able to serve more customers in less time & with better results, in a beautiful way.

Mattia Gnemmi

Co-Founder of Conversational Design

How Can Landbot Boost Your Lead-to-Customer Conversion Rate?

Faster Speed of Development

The builder’s visual drag-and-drop user interface featuring a myriad of native features allows you to build flows quickly and efficiently, leveraging your sales knowledge as you go. No coder middle-man necessary!

Friendly Real-Time Data Collection

Chatbot’s conversational nature makes data submission more intuitive, even natural for the lead. It also allows for partial data collection as there is no need to wait for the data to save & export until the end of the “form.”

Instantaneous Lead Scoring

Thanks to the perks like pre-formatted question types, formulas, or “Set Variable” block, you can build your bots to score prospects in real-time based on their answers and preferences, freeing your sales team of this tedious routine task.

Go From Bot to Live Chat - Smartly

Service hot SQLs need as quickly as possible to maximize the probability of turning potential customers into existing ones. Design bots to transfer the top SQLs to your human sales reps in real-time & turn wait times to zero.

Offer 24/7 Navigation & Support

A sales chatbot on your website, in your app, WhatsApp, or Messenger account will ensure all queries are answered promptly and without delay leaving your leads with little time for doubt. It’s a sales & customer service rep that never sleeps.

Power of Integrations

Leverage the simple, code-free setup and deployment! Using native Landbot integrations enables you to analyze customer behavior, track events, segment and export data, and even set up meetings inside the chat. 

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