Conversational Form Templates to Keep On Your Radar in 2022

Illustrator: Jana Pérez
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Are you planning to create a form for your online business? Then you have come to the right place.

This article lists the top conversational form templates that will help your UX stand out as well as help you to convert in the growing competition of 2021.

We don’t want to overwhelm you with hundreds of forms and waste your time browsing. Instead, this article is the curation of the best and the essential. Take a look, interact with them. Then pick the one you like, sign up (free), make your customizations so it fits your brand image, and embed it on your site. Though, even if you don’t see the use case you are searching for, you can always build your conversational form from scratch using our online no-code conversational form builder.

Either way, it’s all without writing a single line of code.

What is a Conversational Form Template?

Conversational forms are classic forms presented in a form of a chat-like conversation. A conversational form template is a pre-designed conversation flow that allows you to go from concept to launch in seconds.

You can also find them under the name chatbot templates. Though don’t worry, whatever you call them, there is no AI involved.

Conversational forms are rule-based chatbots that follow a decision-tree-like flow (or just a straightforward flow focused on data collection where no decisions really need to be taken).

Why Choose Conversational a Form Template?

The answer is Page Experience. Page experience measures how visitors perceive your website and the interactions on it. It’s made up of multiple existing Google search ranking factors, including the mobile-friendliness, page speed, the HTTPS ranking boost, metrics around usability, and others. In 2021, Google has decided to focus their May update entirely on that. Their goal is to rank the pages that users love the most not just the ones with the most backlinks or those with the best code. Whether or not you are going to be among those pages is up to you.

Given there are very few things as natural as chatting and messaging, conversational forms can make it easier to create natural experiences on both desktop and mobile. Plus, chatbots - comparing to forms - encourage continual interaction and engagement.

Witch classic online forms, you have to wait for the user to fill in the entire form before clicking submit and then… then the interaction goes cold. An online form is a turn-taking experience that lets you end on a more positive note.

So, without further ado... Here are the free form templates we promised!

1. Basic Lead Generation Form Template

Online forms form the foundation of digital marketing (pun intended). Therefore, our top recommended form template is no other than a straightforward lead generation flow that will collect the name and email of your prospects swiftly and efficiently. It’s simple, fun, interactive, and definitely memorable:

2. Lead Qualification Template

Not all leads are equal and so, not all deserve an equal amount of your attention and effort. It’s hardly a secret that the secret to success here lies in automating your qualification process. Thus, the second candidate on our list of the best conversational templates is the lead qualification template. This one doesn’t just collect contact information but asks several qualifying questions such as location and budget.

It’s a great way to qualify your leads instantly! Plus, you can easily customize the template with questions more relevant to your business and even enrich each path with a personalized step such as offering the right content or initiating human conversation takeover:

3. Email Opt-In Form Template

Email subscription opt-in form is probably the most common one out there. It’s the perfect substitute for the usual static subscription CTA. This little conversational template makes signup effortless!

4. Event Registration Form Template

Are you organizing a live or online event? Are you creating buzz all over the social media and online communities? Well, then this is the form template for you!

The template lets you collect basic data such as name and home city as well as ticket type preference. Though, if you want more information or even include ticket payment inside the conversation, you can easily customize the chatbot with more questions and our native Stripe integration which enables safe, in-chat online payments!

5. Loan Application Form Template

This online form template might be niche specific but it does deserve a place on this list because online loan applications are famous for offering some of the worst UX experiences.It’s a competitive market! So, if you wish to stand out for all the right reasons, here is a conversational form sure to capture attention:

6. Customer Feedback Form Template

Gaining insight into customer experience is essential for any online business, especially eCommerce. This customer feedback survey is designed to gather opinions on website design, range of products, ease of navigation, quality of product descriptions, delivery time, quality of the product, and so forth!

It’s a simple and interactive way to engage your customers and rump up your feedback response rate:

7. Website NPS Survey Template

Net Promoter Score is one of the most important metrics in market research. This handy conversational form template will help you collect data about likability and recomendability in a friendly and fun manner. It’s an evaluation form that shouldn’t miss in your repertoire.

8. Job Application Form Template

These days, each job offer is met with hundreds of applications Thanks to “Quick Apply” options all over the web many of those applications are not even relevant to the offer. Plus, CVs that are relevant have many different formats making them difficult to compare.

A conversational job application template provides a solution for all of the above! All applicants have to answer the same questions, in the same order. The important part is, it’s in a fund chat-like format that engages the talent pool instead of deterring it.

Furthermore, you can easily improve the template to send the application data to different google sheets based on their relevance, some of them can be discarded immediately!

9. Time Off Request Template

HR has plenty of work all year round regardless of how big or small the company. This vacation request form template helps automate one of the most common HR processes in a way both the employees and the HR team is sure to appreciate:

10. Product Recommendation Template

Too many products on your website? Too hard to decide which product to promote? Then perhaps you could use this product recommendation form template as a personal shopping assistant. This way, instead of making your customer search, hesitate, feel overwhelmed, and give up, you can bring desired products to them in an instant:

11. Product Launch Template

Planning a launch and need to raise attention. Then don’t overlook the last but not least form template on our list! This simple template informs your prospects about the launch and collects their data so you can inform them once your new product or service is available for purchase:

12. Webinar Registration Template 

Webinars are a powerful way to engage with your audience in real-time and as face-to-face as it gets in the digital world. After the pandemic, they became ever more popular. Though registering is often a pain point. 

Use this template to make registering fun, interactive and automatic. Customize this simple template in minutes. 

13. 360° Employee Evaluation Template 

There are many ways to improve employee performance and help them succeed, one of the key ones being regular performance reviews. Unfortunately, many companies neglect the action as other more revenue-driven tasks steal all the spotlight. This template allows you to run 360-degree evaluations by asking the right questions in a safe space and processing all the responses so you can make sense of the result and lead your employees to be their most productive selves.  

14. Contact Us Form Template 

Offering clear contact options is one of the most important ways of earning trust, yet it’s also one of the most overlooked ones of the bunch. If website visitors can’t find an easy way to get in touch, your reputation and trustworthiness plummet. 

The best way to keep your team from being overwhelmed is by automating the process. We all know, the classic static online forms are rather tedious… and that’s where a conversational contact us template makes all the difference. It brings a breath of fresh air to the experience, engaging the visitor and even personalizing the experience on the go. 

15. Support Automation Template 

Process the queries of your potential and existing customers with ease, using this simple bot template. Group the queries into multiple categories, provide necessary information swiftly, improve your response time, and so, the overall experience. 

Using this template allows you to save visitors valuable time by easily communicating their issues instead of making them fill out long support forms. It helps set expectations for a follow-up and an improved resolution time.

16. Restaurant Reservation Template

Need a quick and simple solution to manage table reservations online? Then the conversational form is just the ticket. It feels natural on the desktop as well as smartphone all the while streamlining the reservation process for both you and your customers. 


The market is full of free form templates, yet few of them are capable of delivering results. Open your horizons and start discovering what chatbots can do for your business. Turning forms into conversations is just the tip of the iceberg.